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Blind Man - Poem by Kenny Way

What does a blind man see?
What does a deaf man hear?
What does a mute man say?
Does the blind man see a world beyond imagine,
Where life is flowing, and the colors are radiant,
Does he see a world we could never comprehend,
No matter how much we try,
Does he see a world that life has left,
A world that’s in total despair.
A sublimination; a combination of desolation and mutilation,
Deprivation and annihilation.
A world where people hide their true selves under false happiness,
And gruesome smile,
That the sadness from their heart slowly seeps out,
Showing their own fiery pit of despair.
A place happiness can’t survive,
A world no one wants to comprehend.
Does the blind man see himself,
In the dark corner of his mind,
Trying to hold onto the sanity that has already been lost,
Trying not to fall in a pit of despair with all the happiness of the world.
Trying to stay afloat a sea of pain,
What does the blind man see?
What does the deaf man hear?
Does he hear the hopes and dreams of the people around him,
Does he hear their happiness and their joy.
Does he hear their very soul?
Does he hear their pain and sorrow,
Does he hear their condemned lives,
Falling into an abyss of lies,
And suffering.
Does he hear their anger and the cries of their soul,
Longing to be set free of the cage it was condemned to.
Does he hear their happiness or sorrow?
Anger or peace?
What does the deaf man hear?

What does the mute man say?
Does he tell of a world, where the streets are paved in gold,
Where happiness comes without a cost,
Does he speak of death and sadness,
Does he cry out in defiance of knowing what’s to come,
Does he tell you how to save yourself from the terrible fate he speaks of…
What does the mute man say?

Maybe we’re the blind ones,
And won’t open our eyes wide enough to see the truth.
Maybe were the deaf ones,
Not listening long enough to understand what’s happening to the world.
Maybe we’re the mute ones,
To open our mouth and scream the truth of our lies,
To stop the sorrow and pain of this black world.
Maybe we need to look beyond our selves to see the true beauty,
Of our hidden world…

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  • Rookie - 149 Points Kranthi Pothineni (1/20/2009 4:26:00 AM)

    Nice, good and well expressed. Hope we can look beyond our selves to see the true beauty of our hidden world. Nice work. (Report) Reply

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