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Poems About: HAPPINESS

In this page, poems on / about “happiness” are listed.

  • 97.

    As evening nears I pause my thoughts to recollect today
    And though my prose is not a match for Poe or Hemingway
    One need not be an author; published wealthy and renowned
    To understand that happiness is more than just a noun read more »

    Richard Lackman
  • 98.
    A touch of happiness

    Could I ever have the happiness
    of those who cannot walk
    having a first step even if small? read more »

    Elena Sandu
  • 99.

    If the path is beautiful, check where it leads?
    But if the destination is beautiful-
    Don’t worry about the hardships, keep moving. read more »

    Dr. Yogesh Sharma
  • 100.
    Happiness... what is it?

    what happiness is actually..
    when somebody said.. happiness is when u get your first date..
    but I said NO..
    we would feel happy read more »

    Omy Istibsyarah
  • 101.

    You cannot buy your happiness,
    'Cause happiness is free.
    Don't you know, or can't you guess,
    It's there for you and me. read more »

    George Savige
  • 102.
    Happiness Is Attained

    And what is happiness
    Is happiness really attained
    Through fame through truthfulness
    Through sense gratification read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 103.
    Bring Happiness

    Spen less time in worrying about tomorrow
    For life is a journey of joy and sorrow

    So bring happiness along life's way read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 104.
    I Believe in Happiness

    I believe in happiness
    That touches the faintest heart
    That makes misery
    Smile again read more »

    Megan Reily
  • 105.
    How can one

    How can one
    Dream of happiness
    If not independent!
    How can one dream of read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 106.
    Help Yourself To Happiness

    Everybody, everywhere seeks happiness its true
    But finding it and keeping it seems difficult to do read more »

  • 107.

    Happiness is when you sing aloud randomly,
    Happiness is laughing all day,
    Happiness is when it takes over control,
    Happiness is always being able to play, read more »

    Jayde Pene
  • 108.

    Fight for happiness
    you may reach it,
    and you may not
    or fight for glory, read more »

    ahmed abomahfouz
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