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The Christmas Wishes - Poem by Dongming Zhou

My first wish is to Wynetta.
Wish you are happy forever as your lovely followers on the window.
Everyday show beautiful colors whenever it is in winter or summer.

My second wish is to Christi.
Wish you are happy forever as your lovely fish in Gundi’s tank.
Swimming in the ocean is not only your fish’s dream but also yours;
Besides fish, dog is also part of your life.
A life with two kinds of pet will have double happiness,
although fish and dog are not friends but are all your friends.

My third wish is to Marcio.
Wish you are happy forever as your lovely baby.
Everyday enjoys warm care from everyone and everywhere,
No fear, no worries and baby life is so easy and comfortable.

My fourth wish is to Jason.
Wish you are happy forever as you winning every chess game,
Champion is your hobby but not just an aim.

My fifth wish is to Peter.
Wish you are happy forever as you cooking noodles.
Spice and diversity not only make your dishes popular,
also lead you to success in your great tasty life.

My sixth wish is to all graduate students.
Wish you are happy forever as you are on graduation day.
Your future is so brilliant that I can’t look through.
At this special moment,
Santa's vehicle is only waiting for your guys
and will drive you to where you want to go in science.

My biggest wish is certainly to Gundi.
Wish you are happy forever as you smoking under the blue sky.
The sky is not just the part above the Wistar building,
but includes all your success which all we are proud of

My tiny wish is to my lovely son.
Wish you are happy forever as you watching TV at night.
No homework at all, only games and movies for you,
and Kong Fu Panda does not only have 1,
also will have 2 and then next and next.

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