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  • 241.
    I'm just happy and thinking about you lol<3

    I'm happy as the sun that come in the morning
    I'm happy as the dogs that's bark at the mail man
    I'm happy as the cats that meow at night
    I'm happy as the plants that open up for the new day

    Baby I'm happy because I got to have you
    Baby I'm happy because you're always going to be mys
    Baby I'm happy because I'm your Mr.Dorky Dork that makes you shine when blue
    Baby I'm just really happy we are going to be together and have each other

    My love you are always and going to be perfect the way you are today and everyday
    My love you make me happy and I act as a dumbass just to make you smile and laugh your ass off at my dorkyness and jokes
    My love you are my first and only mission to make you happy and jolly get to make you laugh then beat me up for it lol

    Baby I love you<3 alot you make me what I am today thank you
    To you're Mr. Dorky dork and as you're husband read more »

  • 242.
    Recognition of happy

    not subtraction
    as a qualification
    for happy. read more »

  • 243.

    Happiness is such a great thing
    Some people are born happy,
    Some achieve happyness,
    And some have happyness thrushed upon their souls read more »

  • 244.
    christmas is wonderful

    Christmas is wonder and specially brings joy into you
    It comes right from your heart and let peace be with you
    Is a time for love and fun feel the sun shine and bright
    Feel the star light twinkles all night and the moon light read more »

  • 245.
    Happy Birthday Dad.

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    A whole year has gone by
    With a blink of an eye read more »

  • 246.
    I'm,Too Happy

    I’m walking down the street, I’m happy
    I’m looking at the world, I’m happy
    I’m writing this poem, I’m happy

    I have failed in everything, I’m happy read more »

  • 247.

    Best Friends lead to Happy live

    Favorite Cousins Lead to happy lives read more »

  • 248.
    Happy Birthday Sammy

    Happy birthday, happy birthday my love
    I'm happy you are growing
    I'm worried you are going to face the world
    I wish you many more read more »

  • 249.
    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to the one who has born this day!
    Let the whole world rejoice and say
    Happy bithday! read more »

  • 250.
    This Is a Happy Place

    The Sun hits the water making it sparkle like gems
    Blue sky above as the sun peaks through the sky
    The gentle sounds of the waves washing up on the shore
    This is a happy place read more »

  • 251.

    I`m happy that I pass math
    I`m happy that my mom is proud
    I`m happy that I have the best teacher
    I`m happy that Mr.bolanos is a good teacher read more »

  • 252.
    Happy Children

    We are children
    We are happy
    Happy in this world
    But not so happier read more »

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