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Why Can'T I Make You Happy - Poem by Travis Brinser

I open my eyes to a brand new day
My first thought is, are you there
looking over, i see your back, again
facing the other way
Why Can't I Make You Happy?

I set my feet on the floor, waiting
to see if you move. Hoping that
you ask if I slept good or if
Ihad a bad dream. My nightmare is,
I Can't Make You Happy.

I walk downstairs to make us coffee
wandering how you feel
about me today. What should I do?
How do I act? Do I show you
how lonely I really do feel
or pretend I'm so happy
to live another day?
What Would Make You Happy?

I smoke a cigarette, waiting to hear
your footprints on the floor above
me. I get excited cause I know
your awake and I think
your coming downstairs with a
smile on your face. Your footprints
I hear, head back to the room,
and I think to myself, 'do you
actually realize I'm not there, I
Really Can't Make You Happy.

I choose to smile, cause showing
you how I feel, well, I'm just not
ready to reveal. My chest is so tight,
but I keep it all in. Just tell me you
love me and this could
all go away. I wish I Could Make
You Happy.

I make it through the day, thinking
about you the whole damn way
and asking myself how you really
feel about me. I think of you constant,
not knowing what I do wrong, then
I come to think, I Just Can't
Make You Happy.

As we lie in bed, almost asleep,
I feel you turn over and
look in my eyes. You whisper the 'I love
you' I needed so bad to hear and
you smile and reach for my lonely hand.
I think for a second, that I might
of made you happy, just for this day,
but then you turn over to face
the other way. I'm so sorry, baby
Why Can't I Make You Happy?

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