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Dark White - Poem by Dean Meredith

Heart & soul,
Mystic medusa,
Says entertain alt ideas,
My interp -
Friend & muse forever,
And sex when & if you want it,
I'm fine with it,
Main thang is you,
Happy with bright eyes & smiley face,
I be sugar daddy & best friend & companion for you,
More than willing to experiment & find right mix with you,
Maybe mutual muses,
Happy to help set you free so you can soar,
You happy equals me happy,
Simple as that,
I don't need sex with you,
But happy as bonus,
Almost impossible to really live without you though,
My love,
My special friend,
I'll always look after you as much as you'll allow,
If I can help you steer clear of your captors,
And help you explore your dreams,
Then I'll be happy & content,
I don't know what it is or why,
But there's something about you,
That's the missing piece,
In my huge weird & fantastic puzzle,
I know undoubtedly,
That I love you,
Truly & completely,
And yet in my moments of madness,
And this is where I need your clarity,
To sort dirt from gold,
Throw rubbish out,
And keep treasures,
Almost everything is so wonderful & sustaining,
But something needs work & fine tuning,
I'd like to find the perfect way to balance my love for you,
With the incredible passions you stir within me,
So that I can make love with you,
Strongly but gently,
Your body is my world,
And your mind my universe,
If you're unsure,
I'll wait until you know,
If you're doubtful,
Then I'll step back & slow down,
So you can take your time,
And make sure it's right,
Be my friend,
Be my muse,
Love me as you can,
And let me help as you can,
Without over analysing,
Just because it makes us both happy,
And doesn't need to always make sense or seem rational,
Is this me saying this?
The guy who sees the world through his rose coloured glasses (mostly) ,
Dreamer of possible dreams,
I know you have things to do,
And battles with that powerful friend & enemy - time,
For you I can be patient,
For you I can wait,
For you I can deal with my desires,
For you I can do anything,
For you I will do everything,
For you I'll deny myself,
For you are worth more than all,
You make me truly happy,
You make me really live,
You make me smile best,
I'm so grateful for our love & friendship,
It's rare & powerful,
And the thought of losing either scares me,
But I must if I can find a way,
And for you I can,
I'll love & help you wherever I can,
I'm tired & old,
And deeply in love with you my gorgeous friend,
Nothing's perfect,
And occasionally there are doubts,
From both of us strange sceptics,
But we are good & kind & natural,
And share a once in a lifetime connection,
I respect that & you my lady,
My queen,
I will forever be your servant & knight,
And consort & jester & king,
And you will always be the one & only true love,
For me,
I tired now & happy to wait for paradise with you

"Aint no sunshine,
When she's gone,
And she's always gone too long,
When she goes away" - Otis Redding

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,754 Points Sally Plumb Plumb (2/14/2013 3:26:00 AM)

    I was gripped by this piece... I read on to the very end. Enjoyable! (Report) Reply

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