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Poems About: HATE

In this page, poems on / about “hate” are listed.

  • 145.

    I hate you
    I hate how I can't get you out of my head
    I hate how I can't get mad at you
    I hate how your voice makes my day read more »

    Forever Underestimated
  • 146.
    Hate Has Entangled Me

    Hate has entangled me hate has strained me
    Hate has burned me hate has corrupted me
    Hate has fed me
    Hate has inflamed me read more »

    joshua hose
  • 147.
    I Hate

    I hate the fact that you drink
    I hate it when you say you know how I think.
    I hate to have to tell you to stop smoking
    I hate it when you look into my eyes and think I'm joking. read more »

    sweet strawberry
  • 148.
    hate you.....finally

    I hate that for so long you had me so fooled
    I hate that I defended you
    I hate that I tried for as long as I did
    I hate that I ever made you feel good read more »

    Laura Craig
  • 149.


    So most people say i dont open up, read more »

    justin muniz
  • 150.
    Sisterly Flaws

    I hate you.
    I hate when we laugh,
    I hate when we stay up late, as I am always tired.
    I hate the way you take me places, read more »

    Dakota Ellerton
  • 151.
    Hate You

    I do not hate you,
    I just hate the things you do.
    I hate the way you say my name,
    I hate the way you give me all the blame. read more »

    Ivory Strife
  • 152.
    Just Hate

    I hate this stupid world and the place I have in itI hate this stupid house and the life that its finished

    I hate this computer, so ragged, so slow
    I hate all the things that you don`t know read more »

    hayden hernandez
  • 153.
    Hate You Love

    I hate that you changed.
    Hate that you're the same.
    I hate that you left.
    Hate how you've stayed. read more »

    Savannah Shostrom
  • 154.
    I hate

    I hate the ways
    Cold weather stays
    Longer than it should
    I hate candy read more »

    Josh Sternberg
  • 155.

    An ill feeling
    Consumes oneself
    Dwells within inner self read more »

    Tina Chan
  • 156.
    i hate it

    I hate it when poeple dont share
    i hate it when poeple dont care
    i hate it when theres gross supper
    i hate it when i have to go to bed read more »

    aubrie hounjet
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