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Poems About: HATE

In this page, poems on / about “hate” are listed.

  • 325.
    Hate you

    I hate
    to tell its you
    The one who stole my heart
    Every one can see ma read more »

    kay kareman
  • 326.
    Hate Me or Love Me

    </>Hate me for being tactless
    or Love me for being honest
    Hate me for being a flirt
    or Love me for not wearing a skirt. read more »

    Frieda Taller
  • 327.
    Love and hate

    Love is like water and hate is like a fire.
    Love makes the world go round and hate makes it flatter.
    In water there is life and in fire destruction.
    Love set the world on expansion and hate on extinction. read more »

    Tendekai Mugonda
  • 328.

    Like a low heaving throw
    Anger explodes into hate
    Fights break out amongst love
    Highs are hit and so are lows read more »

    Tyler Crum
  • 329.
    The Love of Hate

    I hate the way you annoy me
    I hate the way you talk
    I hate the way you laugh at me,
    I hate the way you mock read more »

    T.. Veronica
  • 330.
    i hate...

    I hate that I still think of you
    And that I want you around.
    I hate all the memories
    Because you kept my feet on the ground. read more »

    simply here
  • 331.
    I hate it...

    i hate it when i think of you, knowing that u don't think of me too
    i hate it when i see your smile, coz deep inside feels like to cry
    i hate it when u come close to me, coz in ur touch i cant get away
    i hate it when im next to you, feels like im hopeless and needing you read more »

    d4rk0y sugbuanon
  • 332.
    I Hate It Part 1

    I hate the way you laugh,
    And I hate your dimples.
    I hate the way you look at me,
    And how made it all so simple. read more »

    Tiffany Wolf
  • 333.
    It's love, it's hate

    It's love, It's hate
    Two opposites, two extremes
    Two emotions that overwhelm
    Two emotions that can tear you apart. read more »

    Garrett Synacyde
  • 334.
    ! I HATE YOU!

    I hate you for giving me hope in this life
    when all there is, is despair.
    I hate you for giving me this strife
    and making the world seem so unfair. read more »

    aleisha luyt
  • 335.
    Screw all those Facebook groups, heres everything I hate and love in one list.

    I hate when you climb so far up, and the smallest mistake has you falling to your death. Again.
    I hate when the who person means s*** to you makes you cry.
    I hate when your happy and your best friends sad, and you sad and your best friends happy.
    I hate watching people cry over some stupid b****. read more »

    Gabriella Mantone
  • 336.
    I love to hate

    I love the way you do your hair I love the way you smile
    I love the way you make me laugh every moment worthwhile

    I love the way you write your poems every word straight from the heart read more »

    Dakota Erickson
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