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Poems About: HATE

In this page, poems on / about “hate” are listed.

  • 73.

    I hate when you cry seeing it in your eyes
    I hate the way you yell when you're angry
    I hate your stupid jokes when you try to make people laugh
    I hate when you're mad, an take it out on me read more »

    perla holley
  • 74.

    I hate myself for this
    I hate this person I've become
    I hate who I am and who I thought I would never be
    I hate my father for making me this way read more »

    Stay out of my life
  • 75.
    I Hate Him

    I hate him for trying
    I hate him for leaving
    I hate him for caring
    I hate him for lying read more »

    Alixis Whitwer
  • 76.
    i hate it

    i hate it when you ask to walk me home
    i hate the way you talk to me
    i hate it when you stare
    i hate it when you write me love letters read more »

    laudine warbus
  • 77.
    I Hate

    I hate the world and the people living in it,
    I hate the public and those who stare,
    I hate the media and the lies they make,
    I hate the people who say they care, read more »

    Nancy Chanthakoun
  • 78.
    I Hate

    I hate waking up without you,
    I hate not being with you,
    I hate thinking sometimes I won't make it through,
    I hate being alone, read more »

    Samarah Essler
  • 79.
    I Hate You

    I hate this world
    I hate this place
    I hate everything
    I hate my life read more »

    Teresa Sykes
  • 80.

    Hate my inertia
    Hate my mother
    Hate my father
    Hate my sister read more »

    Lizelah Thaugally
  • 81.
    I Hate

    I hate liars.
    I hate the word perfect.
    I hate pretending.
    I hate fake people. read more »

    Pissed Off
  • 82.
    I Hate...

    I hate the way you make me feel
    I hate that you think your always right
    I hate that you mock my words
    I hate the words you say to me read more »

    Michael Stripp
  • 83.

    I hate me
    I hate u for loving me
    I hate that I need u
    I hate that you love me read more »

    Fernando Alvarez
  • 84.
    Complain (What I Hate)

    I hate your friend
    I hate the scorn
    I hate the fact my heart is torn
    I hate you for showing me love read more »

    Marcquiese Burrell
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