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Heart Monitor - Poem by Jonas Blueford

Heart monitor...

When god made you he created a queen.
Beauty was far from what i was envisioning
What i saw was exquisite,
Because you were the star of my eye.
the point of my finger
the beat of my heart
and an angel none the less.

your eyes shined bright
so bright that I lost partial sight.
So I kept my eyes open
To see what's inside.
I stayed there gathering
Emotions on my side,
Finding what I can
Until I became completely blind.

Heart monitor...
Monitoring my heart, my life, my insides
Lost without you
In the shadow behind my eyes.
I may love you
If that's true
I have a million reasons why.

I’m like a cat with nine lives.
When I’m with you I’m alive
I could fight off a bear
or be killed by a snake
if you're still alive
I’ll use the remaining eight to
hug you, kiss you
and tell you it would be ok

if you’re not here...
if you’re not here I’m not alive
cuz You're the reason I live
You're the reason I survive
I live for your heart
I live for your brown eyes.

If love was a crime
I would be a repeat felon.
Because every day I see u
I fall in love all over again.
Like Romeo and Juliet
You’re my heart no blood spill.
You make me smile when I'm feeling down
Heart monitor...

If I'm lost
I'm searching looking for a way out
It's a one way street to your heart.
So I take the road
That brings your hearts traveling miles none stop
I'm a snail in a motherfucking rabbit race
Winning this race at a constant pace,
Cause we never separate.

We stay together
Like to of a kind
We are two sides of a heart
You’re the left and I'm the right
And together we make a whole.
So as I sit here in the rain nervous and cold
Will you take my heart and be my whole.

You’re all I need
With you I don't need a coat
Cuz you and I create
A mathematical equation
That stops at two,
Me and you.

Like presents on Christmas
You give me joy
Christmas for me,
Is each day.
Cuz each night with you is a gift
A present.
I find myself looking in the present
Cuz your my now, soon, and later
I can't seem to shake it.

It’s a different type of feeling...
These feelings I’m having for you!
I'm not sure
What I am sure of is
I want to be with you
Be your right hand man
Be your man
Be the only one for you
Be true to you.

I want...
I want more than sex frequent hellos and goodbyes
I don't want your body
I rather feel the pleasure of you standing be my side
I want love letters, poems, kisses and explosive nights
I want you by my side as the world end
I want you...

The real you...
I want the real you by my side as I say good night
Good night to a new morning
Cuz my heart is like...
My heart is like daylight
And you feed me sunshine
Now I bow my head as I say goodbye
Goodbye to those lonely nights

You’re my all
My ray of sunshine
And when I hold you...
And when I hold you I feel alive, reborn

Like what I was
And what I am
Was never the same
cuz you make me who I am
I’m no longer the same man
Shit damn

Hold up...
It’s a shame that's lives much different now
Things that were done in the past
No longer has karma, has restrain
but always its advantages
I lived in the edge like a crook

like life...
Like life because when you die your shadow takes your place
who you are is no longer important
and what you where and what you did
determines if they would rather
forget then take the time to remember
remember what’s already forgotten

I can say what I say because...
I can say what I say because I lived in the dark
never brought shine to the light because light...
because light has its own road
and the road I’m heading is one of a soul a heart
heart monitor...

it beats when necessary and stops when life's up
never went through life as a black, loving, fool but..
never went through life as a black, loving, fool but...
when love takes over there's nothing you could do.

cuz when I love...
cuz when I love
I take the time to admire your body, beauty, brain, and smile
Telling you I love you
Every single day
cuz when I love...
cuz when I love I’m here to stay
Heart monitor...

It’s contagious
This love I’m feeling for you is a disease an infection
You infect me with feelings I can’t control
The disease is that I think of you whenever you’re not here
Heart monitor...
You keep it going
You keep me...
You keep me focus ready and proud

cuz whenever I stare into your eyes
I have that feeling...
that sense of awareness that your mine
Where standing face to face,
yet I see you by my side
heart monitor...

beat after beat,
song after song,
line after line as I write this poem.

see love is...
love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit(Peter Ustinov)

I am love now reach down and grab it
if you give me your heart...
if you give me your heart I promise not to break it
cuz when I love...
cuz when I love every day is valentines

because all the time were together brings light to another time
a time when you’re on my mind
lost chasing thought

can’t rewind…
can’t rewind because to rewind is to go back
being lost
heart monitor…
can’t find love because
Love is a train of thought.

So I pulled the plug
As you as my first, last and final thought
Heart monitor...

Never gave up on love
Because love is a drug
I maybe in love...
if that's true I'm addicted
You got me contradicting, Lyin, forgettin
Cuz my heart was in pieces until you fixed it
picking up the broken pieces
Heart monitor...

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