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Poems About: HEART

In this page, poems on / about “heart” are listed.

  • 205.
    The hardest path of love

    The hardest path of love, I Wont give up hearts broke feels exactly like burning in hell
    Most wouldent even know where to begin the path of love
    wouldent even find the entrance to start,
    The Path is overwhelmingly hard i am driven by her other heart that is exstreamly full of love my heart read more »

    paul stanchfield
  • 206.

    Can the heart compute the desires it holds
    I often find myself longing for a love that
    I one of a kind
    A heart that beats as mine read more »

    Lilly Emery
  • 207.
    Heart Weeps and Feels Sad

    Heart weeps
    Feels sad
    Cries with fears
    Pains with no love read more »

    Rohit Sapra
  • 208.
    my heart

    My heart can't go on
    Love & Heart is dead and gone
    Now I know where my heart belongs
    My heart belongs underground read more »

    Mario Tz.
  • 209.
    my heart

    my heart is pounding
    my heart is in an uproar
    my heart is beating so fast
    cant hardly hear anything anymore read more »

    chip reed
  • 210.
    Flames of Truth

    I wish you were near
    Despite the heartache and headache
    Because of anger that burns
    In my heart and make tears read more »

  • 211.
    For my sister

    My sister
    You are in my heart
    Always in my heart
    Your sound melodious read more »

    sallam yassin
  • 212.
    A Heart Full of Sorrow

    A heart that feels
    Such a great pain
    Bond by restraints and chains
    Ready to roam free read more »

    Dr3 Curse
  • 213.

    A heart can be made out of porcelain or gold
    but no matter what always a reflection of your soul
    broken hearts never easy too many compartments
    one for love, one for anger all colorful departments read more »

    Isabel Lavender
  • 214.
    Listening to My Heart

    I try to listen to my heart
    But when you have 50 others
    Disagreeing with your heart
    You don't know what to do read more »

  • 215.
    Read With Your Heart

    My heart is beating with a love, so strong and so true,
    my heart is beating with a love just for you,
    my heart is singing a song you don't seem to hear,
    yes my heart is crying out to you dear, read more »

    Harry Bryant
  • 216.
    Hearts Can

    Hearts can be used
    to hate or love.

    Hearts can do kindness read more »

    jim foulk
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