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  • 253.
    Froze in time II

    Live without Love is like the heart
    Without a heartbeat dying slowly as you walk
    Lost in time froze of beauty precious
    To your heart which have no existent no more read more »

  • 254.

    My Heart is something that gives me life
    My Heart feeds and nurtures as if it were my wife
    My Heart is kind and loving down to the last drop
    My Heart keeps me going not wanting to stop read more »

  • 255.
    in these sessons

    in the night where the moon shins my soul sleeps and my heart bets.
    in the cold winther nights my soul sleeps and my heart crys out for your wormth.
    in the hot summer days my soul awakes and my heart feeds for you heart of shade.
    in the cool spring nights my soul sleeps and my heart bags for your soft sweet heart. read more »

  • 256.
    Just a heartache

    It's just a heartache
    Just a heart break
    My world is ending
    My life is blending read more »

  • 257.
    or take me there

    the sun pours over like a wave
    feeling as good as they say
    they told me to nurse your broken heart
    but you say: read more »

  • 258.

    Now that the thief of hearts arrived in Toronto from China
    All the staffs of the hospitals are very afraid and very worried about the hearts that are kept in the fridge in the emergency rooms of the hospitals
    Yes they have patients that wait months for a heart tramsplant
    Because first they have to find a donor that will donatetheheart so that They can transplant it inside of their heart read more »

  • 259.
    In My Little Heart

    In my little heart
    lies joy and happiness
    but beneath lies pain and tears.
    My little heart oughts to forgive you read more »

  • 260.

    Unchain this wounded heart: let the healing conquer the patches
    Unchain this wounded soul: let love flow through it's crystal clear veins
    Unchain me: Unchain my heart read more »

  • 261.
    Come On! We Can Do It!

    The hearts that dwell in the pitch dark,
    Glow like the sun when filled with love and care,
    The opaque body and the inefficient lights,
    Keep the hearts in the dark, behind the wall and the hedge. read more »

  • 262.

    on the bed is my heart
    only I seen he's to be wounded and cruel turtore
    it is his last breath
    my heart heart say to me with gasp for breath read more »

  • 263.
    My Heart

    My heart works in strange ways
    I dont know how to explain it
    All I know is this.... read more »

  • 264.
    The Heart

    Tic-tac. Tic-tac. Tic-tac.
    My heart, your heart, their heart.
    Tic-tac, a doctor. Tic-tac, a priest. Tic-tac, a teacher.
    The heart wounded by the scalpel, prayed by the priest, described in a saga. Tic-tac, an Indian; Tic-tac, a Negro, Tic-tac, a White. read more »

New Heart Poems

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