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' Show In Love And Anywhere We Feeling Fell It' - Poem by michael morgan

I been fell ever deep for her in love so longer all the way and i can give it could coming right back for your love grew in the heart tiresome it tore me that apart ever your promise coming in my love only real life when you have give it back my heart by old feeling don't matter what i have feeling all in the heart member together us belonger always be happiness but i can't stop crying so heavy and so hard only that mean real love show her anything what i'm truth and i can't be lie without it. it hurt and pain so much and i been longer every moment this your feel gentel move our feeling touch and i always will gaze into her eyes so angle and looking her eyes so beauitful. There have more us feeling inside the word ''PROMISE'' all the way and get it together each other express out of it. i can't stand by my feeling in love by 2nd! ! ! ! ohhh i knew what you had me by stick our ass on glue it and i held to you so tight in my heart how it tough our apart my love still remind through that real what you've done my love 2nd and having in your mind being for me me from love us, i alway stood up show a man what i want show you anything in real come true love so strong and can't let it going for us and we can fuss, fight belong for fixing each other no matter i through my love and i loved you so much in my heart for life endlessly still you do love me i knew it and but time for serious in my hear. i comin shall your memory part in live us and you alway haved a special in love anything place withing my heart and you will being had me and i will always there for you anythings because we serious tell us truth each other and we want to know each other it's don't matter anything and anywhere we been promise it can't be lies because don't try everything behind for nothing worse will be crazy and angry so hard yeah it's serious not play round nobody! i'm NOT going living the same by nobody.

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