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Poems About: HEAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “heaven” are listed.

  • 277.

    I look down and see my grandchildren before me. I look down and do not see children.
    I look down and see the jewels of heaven before my eyes,
    Not stones dug from the deep earth but jewels sent from the lord our God in heaven.
    No finer jewels on earth may man find then these that lay before me. read more »

    Timothy Honeycutt
  • 278.
    The Trust

    To you, O Sœr Therèse of Lisieux,
    Fresh as a morning rose in morning dew,
    We give our men in keeping:
    Watch them waking, watch them sleeping. read more »

    Katharine Tynan
  • 279.
    Faith Flights To Flower Heavens

    heart muscles surrounded in a reservoir of blood
    pollen call is rainbow pot of gold to El Dorado
    vessels of golden one flower air in fertilization
    flights seed flowers in colours shapes miraculous read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 280.
    The Sad Side of Heaven...

    The sad side of Heaven is the happy side of Hell...
    The Happy side of Hell however has honour...
    The Sad side of Heaven believes has none... read more »

    MaddiiAnne O'Leary
  • 281.

    I'd give anything, I'd do anything
    Just to see you one last night
    And see you smile back at me
    To spend one more hour with you read more »

    Karley Kay
  • 282.
    Today... 'Blessèd and only Potentate'

    No mortal man can bear the awesome sight
    of the One in unapproachable light
    Blessèd and only Potentate from heaven
    To Him all honour and power is given. read more »

    Roy Allen
  • 283.
    Abanadi, Sir Am I In Heaven

    [ This is a poem with the title as if pronounced with such
    a meaning in our dialect ' abanadi siram ay ' in
    English ' Oh my God this is so good '
    Its with a deep thoughts to a funny poem ] read more »

    Ency Bearis
  • 284.
    The Diamond Mines of Centuries Ago

    I seem to be living here-
    Starfish in a helmet that you cannot stand-
    Stars up in the yum-yum’s,
    Cursing to themselves as to their cousins: read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 285.
    In The Beauty Of A Lower Heaven

    Autumn in Paris is like summer in a lower heaven.
    Sycamores and chestnuts paint the air,
    Pencil-thin branches sketch the city like Utrillo,
    The Seine sets leaves in moon-glass. read more »

    Salvatore Ala
  • 286.

    I don't like the dead man's gun
    Today I found it on my bed in heaven
    And read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 287.
    Food In Heaven

    Food In Heaven
    Food In Heaven read more »

    Charles Hice
  • 288.
    Paddy Casey

    When Paddy Casey left the Clara road forever
    The feeling was widespread he would be back
    For he could never be happy in heaven
    If heaven did not have a greyhound track. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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