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  • 37.
    I Got Heaven...

    I Got Heaven...
    I swear that, in Gardena, on a moonlit suburban street,
    There are souls that twirl like kites lashed to the wrists of the living
    And spirits who tumble in a solemn limbo between 164th
    And the long river of stars to Amida's Paradise in the West.
    As though I belonged, I've come from my life of papers and exile
    To walk among these penitents at the Festival of the Dead,
    The booths full of sellers hawking rice cakes and candied plums,
    All around us the rhythmic chant of min'yo bursting through loudspeakers,
    Calling out the mimes and changes to all who dance.
    I stop at a booth and watch a man, deeply tanned from work outdoors,
    Pitch bright, fresh quarters into blue plastic bowls.
    He wins a porcelain cat, a fishnet bag of marbles,
    Then a bottle of shōyu, and a rattle shaped like tam-tam he gives to a child.
    I hear the words of a Motown tune carry through the gaudy air
    …got sunshine on a cloudy day…got the month of May…
    As he turns from the booth and re-enters the River of Heaven—
    These dancers winding in brocades and silk sleeves,
    A faithlit circle briefly as warm in the summer night. read more »

  • 38.
    The Clod and the Pebble

    Love seeketh not itself to please,
    Nor for itself hath any care,
    But for another gives its ease, read more »

  • 39.

    Heaven, where the streets are made of gold,
    Heaven, where you never age or grow old,
    Heaven, where lifes secrets unfold,
    Heaven, where the secrets are told, read more »

  • 40.
    Rain drops fall from heaven

    Tears swelling up in my eyes every night
    Rain drops fall from heaven
    Simply a walking disguise in the light
    Rain drops fall from heaven read more »

  • 41.
    Heaven is Not A Place

    Heaven is not a place
    It is a happening.
    It happens in you and me. read more »

  • 42.
    Heaven they say!

    Heaven they say is the place to be
    Up in the skies all I can see
    are abstract clouds of glorious seas read more »

  • 43.
    On My First Daughter

    Here lies, to each her parents' ruth,
    Mary, the daughter of their youth;
    Yet all heaven's gifts being heaven's due, read more »

  • 44.

    When Heaven sends sorrow,
    Warnings go first,
    Lest it should burst
    With stunning might read more »

  • 45.
    Hair Poem

    read more »

  • 46.

    where was heaven?
    when my father died,
    with tears in my eyes i cried, read more »

  • 47.
    Life Has No End

    The picture of my friend
    Scents her breath, heaven's air
    Colors my life, heaven's sky
    Blue eyes read more »

  • 48.
    The Road to Hell

    Someone once said, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.'
    But it is much more than that, one can go so far as to mention,
    That many on that road think they have with God, good relations.'
    Have you ever read God's Word and learned of His expectations? read more »

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