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Heaven - Poem by Randy McClave

When I go to Heaven,
When I past the moon and stars,
Who will be waiting for me,
If though, I make it that far.
Will I walk through those pearly gates,
And will I walk on the streets of gold
And will I see my father and brother again,
Though that, I might never know.
And in Heaven will I be happy,
Knowing I have lost my mortal life
Will I be worried or will I feel sad,
Because I have left my son, and wife.

When I arrive in Heaven,
Will I know anyone standing there,
And will anyone try to remember me,
Or in Heaven, will anyone really care.
Will I be allowed to reflect,
On my past and the things that I miss,
And in Heaven will they let me want,
My tears; and my families last kiss.
Will I be able to feel joy again
As I walk those golden streets alone,
And will they hear me cry in Heaven
For my family, I know I will moan.

When I die and go to Heaven,
I think that as now I close my eyes,
Will things be better off in this old world,
And will anyone here for me, sit and cry.
I know that I will reach that gate someday
And by myself I will walk that solemn road
The weight of life shall be lifted away from me
And now who on Earth must now carry my load.
When I do get to Heaven one day,
I don't know what then, that I will do,
Though I will be by myself, once again,
So now I will cry for my family; and you.

Randy L. McClave

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