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Big Bang Theory (Portrait Of Paradise) - Poem by Kurt Kacich

Was the world existant in what is it today?
Is it true that the planets in the galaxy were all once stars in array?
I firmly believe that the Gods were artists that created everything
I believe Gods created the blueprint up in heaven to create the ideal dream,
Some call it the big bang theory, I call it a masterpiece,
I believe heaven was once on earth for mortality and not deceased,
In the galaxy stars were the watching eyes that guarded the skies,
I believe that Zeus struck lightning to create heavens above in disguise,
With a flash of light and thunder so powerful it projected mankind,
Projected heaven from blueprints with blue skies, and green trees,
Innocent animals, sounds of soothing pleas, and ever flowing streams,
Sky high mountain tops, rainfall that blossomed the earth,
Calming winds the withered in the trees, absolute happiness and glee,
Was it true that the sacred apple that Adam ate destroyed the land?
Was it true that animals in deserts drowned in the chaos of quicksand?
Or was it all a dream that reared its ugly and appalling head?
Or was the apple the only food for the Gods, and they were never fed?
I believe in the beginning of time the world we live was heaven,
I also believe that for every human action lies in dimensions of eleven,
For every sin committed rainfall was the tears from God’s eyes,
For every tear lightning struck the land as a mechanism for comprise,
With lightning came fire that destroyed the green trees,
Causing devestation and drought, in reality the God’s desperate pleas,
A plea to take care of the world around us, to speak, to see, and to hear no evil,
But the God’s created the human mind to be strong not weak and feeble,
Did the ancient scrolls the God’s created explain the morals and what is wrong and what is right?
Did the God’s or the artists of eternity inflict punish for those who despite?
Heaven on Earth was forever ruined by the acts of sin,
If only the blueprint laid out the moral code, the masterpiece that lasted forever could’ve been,
Now the Earth is a painting smeared with distorted reality called society,
Tainted nature, false beliefs, cruelty, murder, and lack of sobriety,
Where roads covered what could’ve been the most beautiful prairies,
Natural scenery destroyed by the most gracious artwork that makes my mind weak and weary,
Buildings, sidewalks, pollution from automobiles, the masterpiece smeared in vile,
Dead animals of water, pollution of ever flowing streams, that flows in the river of the Nile,
Something that could’ve been peace in paradise is now war for oil,
The God’s never intended to create something so beautiful turned to turmoil,
Man made synthetic drugs that alter the reality of the human mind,
To escape the painting destroyed once created to be beautiful and sublime,
Forever now the portrait called heaven hangs in the galaxy falling to pieces,
The pieces that fall to the Earth from above to feed the evil leeches,
Forever more, heaven is tainted and shaded by the sin of humankind,
Forever more, I wish the God’s above had the power to reverse time.

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