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How I Picture Heaven - Poem by Kenneth Davis

How I Picture Heaven by Kenny Davis

How do I picture Heaven?
The great kingdom among clouds
His children, His saints
His angels, rejoicing loud

How do I picture Heaven?
This astonishing, glorious place
Where I pray to have the honor
To gaze upon his majestic face

How do I picture Heaven?
The street paved in gold
Worth more than the richest treasure
Even grander than I was told

How do I picture Heaven?
Beyond light-years away from earth
Beyond mere galaxies away from pain
Even much further away all of the hurt

How do I picture Heaven?
Many mansions made of pearl
Luster brighter than the stars
One that shines across the world

How do I picture Heaven?
Free of worry and strife
No more heartbreak and heart ache
Looking forward to this eternal life

How do I picture Heaven?
On every face, there is a smile
The joy amongst his followers
Can be seen for many miles

How do I picture Heaven?
Land of milk and honey
Sweeter than grain of a sugar cane
And every day is sunny

How do I picture Heaven?
Or should I say, “The land of honey and milk”
With everyone in their marvelous robes
Softer than Egyptian silk
How do I picture Heaven?
Land of joy and bliss
If you are to miss the train
Oh! What a party you would miss!

How do I picture Heaven?
With much dancing around the throne
No ailment, No sickness
No illness or broken bones

How do I picture Heaven?
I was told of a great feast
Food stretching beyond North and South
Further beyond West and East

How do I picture Heaven?
Christ went to prepare a place for me
More glorious than I have heard
I can’t wait to see

How do I picture Heaven?
As the angels spread their wings
Harps and trumpets are to sound
As his many children are drawn to sing

How do I picture Heaven?
Everyone stands in celebration
Forever shielded from the troubles
Forever shielded from the tribulation

How do I picture Heaven?
With amazing sights yet to be seen
More glorious wonders left to witness
For many, will be far beyond belief

How do I picture Heaven?
As the angels’ robes glisten
They shall sing many songs of Zion
All who have ears shall listen

How do I picture Heaven?
The legendary kingdom of glory
The masses, gathered in fellowship
And every day is Sunday morning

How do I picture Heaven?
The mere thought of a world without sin?
Sure hope I don’t end up
Left on the outside, looking in

How do I picture Heaven?
When we are called up into the air
I am doing all I can to go
I hope to see you there!

© November 2010 k.davis

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