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An Fallen Angel - Poem by Crystal Chown

I am a fallen angel I was right beside god but him betrayed me.
And now I am stake in this horrible world.
How could the someone loved by everybody become so horrible guy?
I am here telling everybody my story.
I am just depression because I am stake in this world forever.
I wish someone could save me for this hell.
I was loved be god but I just hated him.

I am still wait in the same him leave me.
I do wish him would let me come back to heaven.
What did I do to got kick out heaven?
Please answer me O god please.
I want know why you kick me out of heaven.
Is it because I lost my faith in you?
Maybe its because I am a fallen angel or what?
I am fallen angel because of you.
If you haven’t betrayed me like you did I would be still a regular angel and be your side.

I will be never happy in tell you bring me back to heaven and let me become an angel again please god.
Sorry god for what I have done to you.
You should say sorry me to.
Oh ya I forgot you don’t want to forget me that is way you have it came to got me.
You finally answer I am ask for you forgiven please let me come back.
How come I can’t come back to heaven?
Its would make me so happy if I can see the gate of heaven just one more time.
I have been in hell never since you kicked me.
Will I never find love again?
You know the story how I was betrayed by god.
I while be in hell before coming back to you.
I really have a life here.
I know the real truth about god and how he betrayed people close to him and angels close to him.
The devil can take me when I am dead.
I am just a fallen angel who lost her faith.
An angel that has no religion any more.
An angel that has no believes.
An angel is dead but alive at some time.

It just start to rain and I am stand in the rain.
I say to god “why did you forget. I don’t anything to devise to get betrayed.”
I am no long an angel but I am a human now.
I give up everything just to be free from you.
I feel like my life is falling part.
I wish I would never be in heaven again.

My tear starts to fall down my face.
Like the rain that comes now it’s gone.
Like my heart.
I can’t believe that I am a fallen angel and god never let me into heaven again.
Anything that I did you he was from my heart.
I just have moment in heaven to say good bye to all of friend I am got dead tonight and heaven will not caught who do I look to bring me down very safely who is out there.
My dear lord I know we battled hard for someone’s soul I was wonder if you can take me into your home I promise I will follow you.
I will be your fallen Angel.
I promise you this I will follow you and I will never betrayed like god did to me.

Thank you my lord.
I am a fallen angel for the Devil.

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