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A Hero - Poem by Martin Kathavi

As I opened my history book, began
to read a familiar name came into
view. One as a child I had heard my
father speak of so often.

Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo
A Namibian politician who was active in the independence movement
Born 22 August 1924
In Omangundu in Oshana region

Herman was a Revolutionary War Hero
fought for the allied forces during world war ll
Arrested in 1966 because of his political activities in support of his country
Sentenced by a Pretorian court to 20 years imprisonment

Incarcerated at Robben Island
He did all this because of the love he had for his country
That's why I call him my hero
He was released on 1 March 1984

He continued working hard, became the secretary general
Of the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) from 1984-1991
Became a member of the national assembly & also Minister of mines & Energy
Until his appointment as Minister of Labour on 26 March 1999

As a hero, he never to see his people suffering
He donated food and other items to member of the sun community
And vulnerable residents in Omuthiya & Onayena constituencies
Handing over the donation to 16 beneficiaries in Omuthiya

He is a hero
that risked his life for our freedom
He is a hero
That feels the pain when we are in pain

He is a hero
that cries, tough doesn't give up
someone that protects
Have the strength a mind of a fighter

He is a hero
that see things we don't
Did something we won't
Someone that fallows command and doesn't complain
He is a strong hero
a Soldier, Marine, Sailors, Airman, leader and Coast Guard
A Hero deserves a thank you
God Bless You

Thank You!

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