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  • 157.

    Heroes poem by Lee Howlett

    I meet my heroes on the day i was born read more »

  • 158.
    you left the demon out

    a hurt so deep
    anger within
    the monster now creeps
    the demon within read more »

  • 159.
    Little Super Hero

    Hey little super hero
    With your batmobile parked right beside your bed
    And teddy on the pillow by your head
    You think I can beat up superman read more »

  • 160.
    My Hero


    Do you know your my hero
    you made my life begin read more »

  • 161.
    my hero the candle

    I was told to draw my hero
    something to fight away the bad
    while kids drew weapons, superheros, hope
    i drew a candle instead read more »

  • 162.
    My Hero

    my hero is someone who stands by me
    he is someone who isnt afraid to say what he thinks
    he is someone who protects me from all the things that are wrong
    my hero is my knight in shinning armor read more »

  • 163.
    My hero

    I never thought there was such thing as death
    I thought you would live for ever
    You were my hero grandpa
    When I was a little girl you said you would live always read more »

  • 164.
    Ode To Johnny

    Johnny is a hero
    Johnny saves lives
    Johnny’s worn by husband
    And inserted into wives read more »

  • 165.
    I Hope You Live Forever

    My heroes are farmers without names,
    Nuns and monks without possessions;
    Laborers and ordinary individuals,
    That endure life’s sufferings and fates. read more »

  • 166.

    Heroes and heroines you may say are like batman,
    But to me they don’t have to be famous or proud,
    Not necessarily fire-fighters, or police officers,
    They can be me and you. read more »

  • 167.
    A Villain In All Of Us

    The hero stands across from me, I dare not speak his name.
    Chivalrous and Valiant, the source of all my shame.
    I wonder how it came to this. What was my mistake?
    That he should be the hero is a sick and twisted fate. read more »

  • 168.
    September 11

    September 11 an ordinary day, wake up to the sound of the alarm.
    A husband says goodbye to a wife, a wife says goodbye to husband. A dad says goodbye to his kids, a mother says goodbye to her kids, heading to their final destinations not realising that will be goodbye for ever.

    A man, a woman arrives at the towers of doom. To them another tuesday just like every other tuesday, filling out paperworks, answering phones not knowing their lives were about to be deprived from them. read more »

New Hero Poems

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  30. Miss You!, Victoria King
  31. Hero, Lauwo George
  32. Lady Heroes..., MoonBee Canady
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  34. might be the one, djemoi talbi
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  48. Maskara - Eraserheads, opium lestre
  49. My Hero Is My Dad, Jan Kurlapski
  50. MY HERO, Rob Hyden
  51. My Son's Hero, Nick Jordan.
  52. Heroes! !, Edward Kofi Louis
  53. Heros, Angel A. Lockwood
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  63. Memorial Day, A Day To Remember (Triolet), Dorian Petersen Potter
  64. All The Heroes, Joseph Narusiewicz
  65. A Hero Can Be Anyone, Obrayan Martinez
  66. Veterans Come to Save the Day (Memorial .., Frank Pulver
  67. My Hero's, Kelsey Martinson
  68. Heroes of Neflaria, Nyte Raviede
  69. FREEDOM FIGHTERS, taofiqat naisr
  70. Face life like a true hero, gajanan mishra
  71. Somebody's Hero, Danny The Dreamer Boyd
  72. With near and dear, gajanan mishra
  73. I Am The Damsel You Are The Hero, Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
  74. The Tear Drops Of Hero's, Timothy Long
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