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Poems About: HERO

In this page, poems on / about “hero” are listed.

  • 217.
    Hero or villain...

    We only need to do,
    Do our jobs properly.
    None of us can say,
    Who would be hero? read more »

    kafil uddin raihan.
  • 218.
    The Battle Field Of Life

    Many have been wounded on the
    battlefield of life. Wounded, in
    their homes, streets and back
    alleys of social interaction. read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  • 219.
    The Hero Entering The Beast's Lair

    Standing outside the door,
    the hero hears the sound of a monstrous creature taking massive breaths.
    But he,
    in white robes, read more »

    Jon McIntosh
  • 220.
    When your hero falls

    when your hero falls from grace, all fairytales are uncovered myths exposed. pain magnified and the greatest pain discovered.

    you taught me to be strong, but im so confused to see you so weak.
    you said, never to give up and it hurts to see you welcome defeat. read more »

    Mariah Smith
  • 221.
    I Call Him A Hero

    He who's rich yet not proud,
    He who's humble yet not easily swayed by the crowd,
    He who's influential yet dislikes corruption and fraud,
    He who's powerful yet doesn't boss around, read more »

    Comfort Ndlovu
  • 222.
    An American Hero

    Robert Portella is a cherished hero
    Everyone certainly agrees
    He is a New York firefighter
    And takes his job very seriously read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 223.
    My Hero Is Gone

    Mandela Mandiba
    The pride of Africa
    You are the greatest gift to mankind
    History is incomplete without you read more »

    Ezekiel Igbodo
  • 224.
    Where Is The Passion? Where Is The Fight?

    Where is the passion?
    Where is the fight?
    You once had a fire that
    burned bright through the night read more »

    Argentine Tango
  • 225.
    The fallen Hero

    let no wind blown the dusk of the morning
    breeze, the light of the early moist touches
    the falling tears of every chick read more »

    Antonio Liao
  • 226.
    The Tear Drops Of Hero's

    the tears were spilled by many, for it was a stormy april day, the soilder weeped as the rain has come, their muddy uniforms were clear with sorrow, their onimous tears droped with thundering views of horrible lives, the dead had come to be buried while the survivors darkened souls shake in their roots, the drops are from thy faces not the rain, so as the dead are being lowered in the ground, the soilders bowed for the fallen in spontanoius fashion, so the throbbing vein of sadness finally popped as a great man read more »

    Timothy Long
  • 227.
    All The Heroes

    Consciousness the verve of a blue sky
    the dirge of your silence
    Roses bloom
    Time descends like a waning moon read more »

    Joseph Narusiewicz
  • 228.
    The Tear Drops of Hero's 2

    I can hear them falling from miles away, The tears were spilled by many, For it was a stormy April day, The soldiers weeped as the rain has come, Their muddy uniforms were clear with sorrow, read more »

    Timothy Long
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