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Poems About: HERO

In this page, poems on / about “hero” are listed.

  • 241.
    Called Them Heros...

    Many have been wounded on the
    battlefield of life. Wounded, in
    their homes, streets and back
    alleys of social interaction. read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  • 242.

    His Creator was Sea God Poseidon
    This winged-horse Pegasus demigod
    Spiral horn on forehead his talisman
    The Gods of Mt Olympus were awed read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 243.

    The Cowboy had a sterling heart,
    The Maiden was from Boston,
    The Rancher saw his wealth depart—
    The Steers were what he lost on. read more »

    Ellis Parker Butler
  • 244.
    my hero

    The only one who can make me smile.
    The only one who can get me out of this mess.
    I know you can save me.
    You're my hero. read more »

    tina anderson
  • 245.
    My Knight and My Hero

    I know he isn’t handsome man but he’s like a knight
    I know he don’t use armour or brave horse but he’s like the big hero
    He have given his hand to me and teach me to help each other
    He have given his wisdom sword to battles problems in my life read more »

    Deasy Anggraeni
  • 246.
    Heroes 2

    When we were children
    we all knew what we wanted to be.
    We wanted to follow
    in the footstep of our favourite hero. read more »

    David Harris
  • 247.
    Recognize The Day

    Recognize The Day

    Do you have to die in a foreign land
    To be a hero today? read more »

    James Casey
  • 248.
    False Heroes

    When false heroes die
    I don’t mean physically, I don’t mean literally
    I mean emotionally
    I don’t mean in the ground dead read more »

    Alfred Ramos
  • 249.
    My Hero

    I think of you every day.
    I love you thats all i can say.
    Without you my hearts incomplete.
    With out you my heart would'nt beat. read more »

    Shastina McElmurry
  • 250.
    The Heroes Of My Schoolgoing Days

    In cemeteries far north of here thousands of miles away
    The heroes of my school going days in eternal rest now lay
    They were not famous as fame goes their's was a local fame
    But they felt proud of who they were and proud of their good name. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 251.
    Hall Of Heroes

    We walk through the hall of heroes as decorated warriors
    War makeup clings to our skin
    Draping all over our clothes are our weapons
    Daggers, swords, bows and arrows, clubs, and war hammers read more »

    Justin Gildow
  • 252.
    My Hero

    I'm shattered like broken glass
    Bruises and scars lie on me
    I look in the mirror
    And I see nothing but lies read more »

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