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Save Somebody To Save Yourself. - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Crying out, to not be just snuffed out. A pledge from the forgotten son. Truth in so many words can be won. A drive to make you live long enough to see your success. I'm not just trying to impress, but to make you see your work is not in vain. I'm come full on, guns blazing. Ready for everything and anything. A mission to the impossible dream so it seems. But I'm still here, so have no fear. A hero in the making as your hearts already breaking. Staving off the vultures who are waiting for death like its accommodation. No appreciation. Paying just for the ground in which you lay. Please enjoy your stay. Mass of friends and family beneath your feet. What a treat. But eh come on now it is what it is. Forget and forgive, live and let live. So i just dive in where i can, cause it makes feel like a better man. I've been falling in this quick sand and needed a hand. So now its time to embrace other end. So let me be your hero. Let me bring you above the clouds. Hold your head up without doubt. Yeah thats what im all about. Fates have sewn to a world so unknown. Together is definitely better then living for forever. Heart ache comes and goes just like snow. Sometimes just need to be a hero to save yourself. To quick to justification can lead to horrible revelations. A simple conclusion is what need in life. And doesnt involve your scarlet eyes looking so sad with a knife. Just let me be your hero, its what i need just to breath.

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