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~hero~ - Poem by Hero of Light

~The determination of a hero-in-training has fallen today. The only way for his existence was to help others, guide others away from the teachings of man, to steal, murder, rape and satisfy at any cost, has been lost. For his voice is projected as a enemy, as a womanizer, as just a bad guy in a seemingly good guy's suit. His determination has lost, his will broken and scattered in the ashes man has created in their wake, their sins piled upon the innocent as the ones paying the price is the ones that had not created the debt.

The old ways...the old teachings...Of goodness over evil...The old teachings of Honesty, good will towards men, happiness to all, and helping your fellow man...has been forgotten. Instead replaced with greed, lust and inhumanities, violence that spread like a plague in all shapes and forms. The dreams I once had, when i could be at peace while living, when I could finally relax and not depend on my mental weapons of paranoia and caution are all but false illusions...Never to come to truth. This Hero in Training, finds himself bested, by the immortal weapon of the mind: Depression.

This foe, my rival, my bane, returns to me more times then the sun to sky. For every waking moment, every nocturnal night, this foe challenges me after i think I have slain him. Only to slay me instead, and send me to the gutters. He defiles my mind, he rapes the peace i once felt was mine...And tarnishes the thoughts that i once thought I knew about love. My health, falls...falls and falls as the tears that drop...sting my face like fire to plants...like sludge to a river...Like an arrow through the heart.

But why...why do i continue to have faith? ....why do i always get back up? ...Knowing that others shall beat me down, knowing that i am in danger of losing whatever was left of my sanity? Why do I look to the rainy sky with new hope, every-time the old is destroyed? Why do i always attempt to save those in need, even when others say they are beyond saving? Why was it me who was chosen to carry this burden, carry out this mission of light to combat the dark? ....Why? ....

This Hero in training asks....Why me? ...But every time I fall...I remember five words, five words....That restores the pledge I've Taken. Five Words that restores the determination that I once had, that I have again..

.'Because No one else will'

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