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  • 301.


    History is neither for us nor against us;
    It is a record of our accumulating past!
    That past which we humans had once made,
    And we can learn from our mistakes, it is often
    A wit had once put things together, saying; -
    'History dose not repeat itself, only historians
    repeat each other! ! '

    'Civilization is a movement and not a condition,
    a voyage, not a harbour, ' said Arnold Toynbee;
    'It has the right and the capacity to choose its destiny! '
    But many others did not seem to agree!
    The early Mayans said that History repeats itself in
    every 260 cyclic years,
    History is not cyclic said Tonybee, to allay our fears!
    The Greek Plato had felt that History was rather cynical;
    While Oswald Spengler the German, had similar
    views held!
    Spengler said that all things that grow, must mature,
    decay and decline;
    The Western Civilization was no exception of any
    But Carrol Quigley, a scientist by training, could not
    accept any of the above views!
    And in his 'The Evolution of Civilisation ', he pays
    History its dues!
    Quigley attempts to create an acceptable synthesis,
    Which the critics praised with positive comments!
    Quigley advocated that systems come into being
    adapted to their environment;
    Which changes and evolves with a gradual motion,
    While he has laid down the seven stages of this
    evolution! **
    And he concludes by declaring with some flourish,
    That those civilizations which cannot adapt to such
    changes, -
    Will one day perish!
    - Raj Nandy
    New Delhi
    31 Aug 08
    (* I tried to pay my tribute to three of our greatest Historians, -
    being an old student of History. Spengler is unpopular in the
    ** Mixture, Gestation, Expansion, Age of Conflict, Universal Empire,
    Decay and Invasion.) read more »

  • 302.

    Events roll the tiles of time,
    Time creates our history,
    That wrapped in a magic veil and mystery,
    Unfolds itself in all its immensity, read more »

  • 303.
    Oman Country Of Liberal

    Oman Country of Liberal
    Ancestral history of glory
    Historian in the heart of time
    Across the seas and oceans read more »

  • 304.
    Nelson’s Lament

    Its fate Hardy.
    I, the greatest admiral in History
    The saviour of my beloved England.
    Fated to sail with ignorant seamen read more »

  • 305.
    A Relationship Defined In 5 Lines

    From its conception in volcanic chaos
    Sprouts magnificent spleandour
    A creation as beautifull
    As a golden beach carresed by perfect waves read more »

  • 306.
    The Rose of England

    'Twas a most solemn day
    Of that most the world would say.
    The Rose of England would pass
    Her still form in a gun carriage alas. read more »

  • 307.
    History! !

    read more »

  • 308.

    when time slows,
    and i keep going,
    i wish, read more »

  • 309.
    Let Time Grow

    Forgive an action in the moment

    It needs time to fruit,
    Like an idea planted in history read more »

  • 310.
    Green Fairy

    It is green and translucent
    Filled with mystery
    It was enjoyed by the opulent
    Throughout our history read more »

  • 311.

    read more »

  • 312.

    read more »

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