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Up To Us - Poem by Je'free Y .

In the quatrains and images
Of the lost books of Nostradamus,
In the hidden purpose & symbols
In gothic cathedrals by freemasons,
In Mayan and Jewish calendars,
In pyramids, ancient prophecies,
And warnings of alchemists,
In what the constellations are speaking of,
In biblical codes, in what our ancestors left us-
There are revelations of wealth of information
On signs of apocalypse, Armageddon,
And secrets of the end of days.

Will there be another flood of Noah,
Another cataclysmic purification?
Will there be a galactic alignment,
A holocaust, a cosmic disaster?
Will there be climate crises, nature's backlash
Causing blackout in the planet, earthly havoc,
Famine, incurable diseases, extinction?

It is time to wake up in this bottle neck of time,
In this zone of transition to either-
An end of violence, or a violent end.
It is time to change and save civilization
For it is up to us if the book of life shall
Continue or shall cease, and
If this is the conclusion of one age,
And the start of another which hopefully is-
A better future.

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