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  • 313.

    It is sad, but I have realized that corruption rules this world
    Ever since the fall of Adam ever downward it has swirled
    It doesn't matter, if you never hurt anyone in your entire damn life
    There will be someone that wants to cut you open with a dull knife
    Inhumane to me is the funniest and most ridiculous term
    The things humans are capable of will make you squirm
    Humans have committed mass genocide
    Just for the sake of land, power and pride
    Let me just go ahead and list just a few
    Hitler trying to exterminate every Jew
    So that his Aryan race
    Could take their place
    And Germany just bent to his will
    To conquer and to mercilessly kill
    Millions and millions of so many innocent lives lost,
    But luckily Joseph Stalin put an end to that holocaust
    But oh wait him and his Soviet Scourge
    Had their own holocaust, The Great Purge
    Anyone who didn't agree with his evil ideals
    Would have to die at his cold-blooded heels
    He was also responsible for the Holodomor, that was a great famine in Ukraine
    But enough of him, how about the Kurdish Genocide, The Al-Anfal Campaign
    That was a genocide committed in the Middle East
    But violence in the Middle East never really ceased
    Extremists trying to destroy Israel, if they had the power they would
    Hell, the extremists would kill all of us that aren't them if they could
    And lets not forget how many natives had to die
    Just so that our great red, white and blue could fly
    Because wicked men like Andrew Jackson
    Believed this land was for the Anglo Saxon
    And any red man that didn't give up his land
    Would have to die by the white man's hand
    Millions and millions of natives Americans died
    And those were just a few examples of genocide
    So you see humans are capable of doing evil and causing so much pain
    And that is why to me there is no term more ridiculous than inhumane read more »

  • 314.

    I've lost a dear friend today-
    Also many loved family, too!
    Tears fill my eyes
    Because of dear ones lost read more »

  • 315.
    For Those Whom the Bells Are Tolling ... (Apropos the Children Of War and Famine)

    The acid rains have come and gone
    Leaving nuclear winters
    Chasing the autumns of our lives. read more »

  • 316.
    Please don't go..

    Please don't leave me,
    Please don't go,
    Don't leave me alone again,
    Don't let me go psycho, read more »

  • 317.
    a nuclear holocaust from my dreams

    i saw freemasons do telepathic to control the masses
    they caused a nuclear holocaust and release of gases
    The lord raised up an adversary and it was hypocrisy
    i witness Zechariah in misery read more »

  • 318.
    Elegance of Peace

    Worn torn cities—inner city violence
    Death, sorrow and misery
    Feelings of discontent
    Conceptualize with malcontent— read more »

  • 319.
    Hell fire and brimstone

    darkness blinding me
    more than sunlight ever sees
    like war an organized fight
    blood fury wipes away site read more »

  • 320.
    The Black Swans

    In Iceland early one morning
    A black swan without warning
    Made a dramatic appearance
    An extremely rare occurrence read more »

  • 321.
    Immortal Flower

    embedded in the belly of the beast
    sowed in petrified devastation
    left to thrive in brambles of genocide
    to flourish in storms of mayhem read more »

  • 322.

    Your sting seeks us, everywhere;
    Our names....our faith.
    In desperate nightmares we hide,
    Yet still you come. read more »

  • 323.
    Alone But Alive

    I am loved and I am hated,
    I wonder why the world is segregated,
    I hear voices screaming in vain,
    I see souls of a world insane, read more »

  • 324.
    Many Noble Men

    Many noble men
    Many ignoble men....
    have stood back to back
    And fought in trenches read more »

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