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The Death Of Adolf Hitler’s Personal Physician - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Why was Hilter’s personal physician
sentenced to death Daddy Daddy?

What did he do Daddy Daddy?

Karl Brant Hilter’s personal physician
was sentenced to death by the U.S.
War Crime Tribunal in August 1947!

Brandt was indicted with 22 other Nazi
SS doctors and SS officers! Brandt was
Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation!

Brandt was charged found guilty on all four
counts! Brandt was charged with conspiracy:
conspiracy in war crimes, aggressive wars,

membership in the criminal SS organization,
crimes against humanity, criminal acts
including participating in and consenting to

the use of concentration camp inmates;
to be used as test subjects in medical
experiments, including experiments on

women children without any anesthetic,
vivisection cutting up live people
without an anesthetic to reduce raw pain.

SS Medical Corp wore a serpent crest
on the collar patches of SS unit insignia.
From1935 to 1938 SS Medical Corps

began to serve a far more sinister purpose.
SS doctors serving in concentration camps
engaging in human medical experiments.

In 1936 SS doctors strengthen the master
race, culling the mentally disabled and
physically handicapped, vital work to assist

purification in Nazi Race Euthanasia Program.

By 1941 elite Waffen-SS doctors were highly
trained both in medical skills and combat
tactics, many receiving high combat awards.

SS doctors achieved such heights through
human medical experiments, notorious
experiments, at Aushwitz and Dachau

Concentration Camps. Vivisection Sterilization
cruel freezing experiments and horrid vile
infectious disease research. Excruciating medical

procedures, often performed without anesthetic.
Head Medical Officer at Auschwitz,
responsible for daily gas chamber selections,

brutal cruel experiments on human twins, was
Doctor Death. Jackal Joseph Mengele.
Who harvested a wall of human eyes injected

with dyes in research quest for Master
Race Aryan blue. SS guards sometimes
threw babies into the air and bayoneted

them. A death to quick for disease sick puppy
Doctor Angel of Death Joseph Mengele.
In 1945 the dread SS are declared an illegal

criminal organization after Nazi Germany’s
surrender. What now happens to SS doctors?

Because sickening evidence of massive wide range,
of inhuman medical experimentation, was completely
incriminating, and because of the honour role the SS

doctors had played in the gas chamber selections;
during the holocaust, was incinerating, SS
doctors were identified as eminent war criminals!

Strangely few SS doctors were ever prosecuted!
Few were ever brought to trial! Josef Mengele?
Escaped to Argentina to live out the rich life! How?

Most SS doctors quietly returned to civilian practice!
In Germany believe it or not? Under assumed names!
Some even resumed their original genuine identities!

Allied justice apparently turned a greased blind eye!

Mengele who injected methylene blue into patients
eyes to try to change the brown eye colour into blue!

Mengele who would inject favoured twins with various
diseases to observe the effects on the human body!

Mengele who tied the veins together of some patients
to see what would happen in vivisection experiments!

Do not read about the Nazi Euthanasia 'Aktion T 4, '
Program to Eliminate all 'life unworthy of life'!

Do not read about the horrors SS doctors have done!

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
See also The Holocaust Files!
Theodore Gilbert Morell, famous for unconventional holistic and alternative treatments became a second personal physician to Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and often argued with Dr. Karl Brandt who began treating Hitler in 1933. Dr. Morell was famous in Germany for success in treating syphilis. Speculation exists that Hitler suffered from visible symptoms of Parkinson's disease and syphilis, as well as bomb injuries towards the end of the war.
Werner Haase was Hitler's deputy personal physician from 1935 to 1945. Hitler dismissed Dr. Morell from the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin on April 22 1945, about one week before his alleged death by suicide. The large amount of prepared medicine Dr. Morell left for Hitler was administered by Dr. Haase and Hitler's valet Heinz Linge.
Dr. Eduard Bloch, an Austro-Jewish doctor was childhood physician to a young Adolf Hitler and treated the adolescent Adolf for minor ailments. Bloch emigrated to the United States in 1940.

Comments about The Death Of Adolf Hitler’s Personal Physician by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

  • Gold Star - 4,915 Points Pranab K Chakraborty (5/24/2010 6:46:00 AM)

    Really you have painted a horror script of real life by poetic aesthetic. Perhaps you have got such evidences by library study. Any way, I have learnt from Erich Maria Remark's Novel that Gestapos would inject concentrated Hydrochloric acid, opening the lead of male erected genital organ of the concentrated camp prisoners.... really horrible. Such perversion related with the extreme nationalism.......ugh, can't imagine.

    Well documentation of a time. Thank you poet to make us affeared with the facist culture.

    pranab (Report) Reply

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