In this page, poems on / about “holocaust” are listed.

  • 349.
    Recipe of the Holocaust

    Here is my death recipe,
    made specially for the Holocaust.
    The horror of Anti-Semitism
    That struck Jews during the Second War. read more »

  • 350.
    On The Way To Sicily (Prose Poem)

    The ruins of Pompeii held no charm for me, so full of ruined rocks and the dead it made my heart hurt. How the tour guide waxed eloquent on that ancient holocaust, almost revering the disinterested volcano that overtook so many innocents under the hot Pompeian sun: children at play, mothers nursing their young, fathers planting olive trees, the elderly gazing at the volcano that never ceased its warnings. They refused to believe Vesuvio’s ranting was the bellow of things to come.
    How the tourists speculated as they gesticulated, full of awe and sympathy...

    The tour ended with the spectacular showing of human remains, fire-frozen in the grotesque rictus of the dead: backs arched, appendages akimbo; all lovingly encased in glass for the entertainment of future generations. Then we clambered onto the bus and thought no more of Pompeii and what we saw that day. read more »

  • 351.
    Lost, lonely girl blues

    You are a lost, lonely little girl
    Have another dose of medicine to ease the pain
    Your Daddy has gone off to war; you will never again see his face
    Love and Acceptance - the bitter pill that you cannot swallow. read more »

  • 352.

    I started fighting them late this year
    and what with the mild winter and dry summer
    they are everywhere now
    the thing has gone out of hand this time read more »

  • 353.
    ! ! ! ..the 'nuclear'..dilemma..

    ! ! ! ! ...the ' nuclear '...dilemma...
    a poem by Sivan PG Menon
    --------------- read more »

  • 354.
    Curiosity! ! !

    Curiously always on my mind as
    I'm always wanting to know things
    from the inside out.
    Like when Jesus Christ will come back from another read more »

  • 355.
    Energy Independence

    Nancy P.
    And Harry Reid
    Have a record to defend
    As they ascend read more »

  • 356.
    Our Beautiful Children….

    Our beautiful children are dying
    In Africa, Europe, the Middle East
    Asia, the Americas, read more »

  • 357.
    2000 Twelve (((READ WITH KNOWLEDGE)))

    One day soon the sky is going to fall,

    And for the human race there will be nothing to do at all. read more »

  • 358.

    woke up this morning,
    with a pain on my neck,
    and blood running between my legs. read more »

  • 359.

    Bugles blare from morning's fog.
    They pay The Garrey Owen.
    In the snows of the cold moons they play.
    Play for the son of the Morning Star. read more »

  • 360.

    Not long ago my Heart and I underwent a holocaust.
    So much misery never before seen.
    All unheard of.
    Broken inside; lost for life. read more »

New Holocaust Poems

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  6. The Holocaust is happening xxx, BrokenHeartPheko Motaung
  7. The Appointed Place, Winifred Emma May
  8. Supplication, Clark Ashton Smith
  9. Circus, Richard Allen Beevor
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  11. Gk. Kainos. New, douglas scotney
  12. Is everywhere nowhere?, PARTHA SARATHI PAUL
  14. Might Up in Arms Against Slight, Jayatissa Liyanage
  15. Dark Is Beautiful, Dilantha Gunawardana
  16. Gentle Hollow, Richard Allen Beevor
  17. Curandero, Charles Monroe
  18. Death Is Still True, Melikhaya Zagagana
  19. Destination Anhedonia, Keith Rushing
  20. The Gunmaster, PRATHAP KAMATH
  21. Autumn Orchards, Clark Ashton Smith
  22. Casualty Of War, Jon M. Nelson
  23. Monopoly A Precursor To Holocaust, Allan Gerard
  24. The Big Eve, oskar hansen
  25. Why Should Western Leaders Bother About .., Stanley Collymore
  26. Swaddle My Stumps, Richard Thripp
  27. A sneak preview, Satish Verma
  28. I Must Understand, hasmukh amathalal
  29. Where Was The World?, Fiona Schwartzinoff
  30. - Covenant, Giorgio Venetopoulos
  31. Redemption costs, Carlos Ornelas
  32. man And His Heart, afeez adasho
  33. David's star over Cebu, Gianni Pansensoy
  34. Let Us Breathe and Dream, hasmukh amathalal
  35. Alphabet Poem - 14, Ferdinand L Quintos
  36. Escape The Holocaust, Russell Nero
  37. Anne Frank, Ima Ryma
  38. Pirouettes, Norman Santos
  39. Post-Revelry Poem, Norman Santos
  40. Unforgiving, Norman Santos
  41. Twin Triplets.No.14, Valsa George
  42. Haiku Match Points, Jonathan ROBIN
  43. Is There A God? ... June 29th,2013, James Bredin
  44. Psalm 66, Justin Reamer
  45. Lord, Have Mercy On Us, Don Nguyen
  46. Psalm 51, Justin Reamer
  47. Psalm 20, Justin Reamer
  48. Max, David McLansky
  49. Pope Pius XII, David McLansky
  50. Sun and Summer, Somanathan Iyer
  51. All That Sound and Fury, John Thorkild Ellison
  52. Yad Vashem, Dale Harvey
  53. CANADIANS DON'T HAVE TO THINK... APRIL 2.., James Bredin
  54. The Keep, Dave SmithWhite
  55. Forsaken Land, Majed Sayegh
  56. Dog Days, Norman Santos
  57. Ash Wednesday, oluchukwu ifechukwu
  58. Entropy, ray Schreiber
  59. In The Windowless Room, Robert Rorabeck
  60. Without A Prayer, Norman Santos
  61. Ashes To Ashes, Rachel Kovacs
  62. Succumbed, Guinevere Eveleigh
  63. Christmas Message, mazHur Butt
  64. Death On My Shoulder, Matthew Moser
  65. No Frustration... Dec 11th,2012, James Bredin
  66. a melted soldier, Antonio Liao
  67. Translation: Modesty by M. Polydouri, Giorgio Venetopoulos
  68. Immortal Flower, adrienne sharpe
  69. Half-life: a prophecy, John F. McCullagh
  70. genesis of genocide, gershon hepner
  71. Casteism- A Curse, Avirat Shete
  72. Capitulated, Norman Santos
  73. I Looked Out at Life with Holocaust Eyes, Alan Freshman
  74. TWO SUBJECTS NOT DISCUSSED OCT 20TH,2012, James Bredin
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