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Poems About: HOME

In this page, poems on / about “home” are listed.

  • 325.

    I feel alone no matter what
    With my friends I still don't feel home
    With my family I just want to hid
    As darkness surrounds me I move in to my corner read more »

    danielle franklin
  • 326.
    Home Is Gone

    Mom! Mom!
    I’m home again!
    I’m sorry I waited
    until you were dead read more »

    Michael Romero
  • 327.
    Quotes: Home

    Home, is not where you were born.
    Home, is not where you have lived, most, or all of your life.

    Home is in your heart. read more »

    Gina Borrebach
  • 328.
    No Place Like Home

    Usually I would never say this
    But there is no place like home
    I have never in my life been so ready
    To return to the place I call home read more »

    Khai Ramsey
  • 329.
    On the way home

    On the way home
    I came from a journey
    On the way home
    I took the train read more »

    ice johnson
  • 330.

    This smiley little skeleton
    Doesn’t eat to fill her day
    She sits and waits at home, alone
    Beaming as she wastes away read more »

    Yuji Baba
  • 331.
    Moving II

    Back and forth
    Taking its meaning to heart
    Looking to wanting a place
    Where everyone is a stranger read more »

    Missy Lynn
  • 332.
    Behind The Door

    Behind this place of yesteryear
    We sit beside the open door
    Where children’s laughter we did hear
    Much like the sound of a creaking floor read more »

    Donna G Fowler
  • 333.
    houselessd or homeless

    Is your house your home or is your home your house
    a home is love, caring, sharing, and sweet
    home is a place where you can have your own beat
    there is no hate, no pain, and no lying read more »

    Fred Chamberlain
  • 334.
    No place like home

    When the snow is falling and when the wind is blowing,
    There’s no place like home.
    When the sun is shining, and when the rain is pouring
    there’s no place like home...... read more »

    Liz Ebengo
  • 335.

    Seeing a world
    not quite understanding
    to anyone not even you read more »

    Bethany Williams
  • 336.
    little scared princesse

    i'm not home sick
    i'm just sick of home
    i'm not scared of leaving home
    but i'm scared of home leaving me read more »

    Karen Amador
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