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  • 349.
    Suffrage At Poem Hunter

    The world must have the right to vote
    A reader's exclamation taught me this with his note
    So vote as default I will now allow
    Or change back to correct the error of my ways. read more »

  • 350.
    Good Old Times


  • 351.
    Homing pigeon

    I have already forgotten my untidy homework and the kind beautiful spinster teacher definitely excuse me and waits,
    That I am sure like the sunset.
    Here I cannot concentrate and do fill in the blanks and the corrections properly.
    I trim my sails so that the wind will catch them full and heads for home wards beyond the horizon. read more »

  • 352.
    Oh Mom

    Oh! mom thank you for your love,
    But above all for givin me your devotion,
    For giving me the opportunity and privilege to
    Watch your eyes and your beautiful hair. read more »

  • 353.
    Feelings: Checking Us, Whatever I Say

    Checking Us

    A white notice board against the wall with the
    strict injunction write everything down, I don’t read more »

  • 354.
    The Japanese Garden (Satis Shroff)

    Nine Hauptschule kids in their teens,
    Sit on benches in the Japanese Garden,
    Near the placid, torquoise lake. read more »

  • 355.
    Much Love For Jessica

    Deep soulful brown eyes—
    the essence of nature—
    from which everything grows!
    Face of light and love, a read more »

  • 356.

    Friends should be there for each other
    And spend time with one another.
    My friend lends a helping hand
    And I'm there to support him and understand. We call one another on the phone, read more »

  • 357.

    Ah, who claims to be purest?
    A sinner somewhere you are always
    Causing a tear of pain
    While taking birth, to your mother read more »

  • 358.
    Thank you

    You made me feel happy when I felt sad.
    When I wanted to give up
    you encouraged me to keep going.
    I had my first kiss you and you were there read more »

  • 359.

    That dusty dilly-dally over Back Lane, Barn Lane and past McGreevy's blackened house, sighing in the creaking sunlight.

    Your queenie allowed you three goes to my one. You wanted four; afraid to lose. We gave way once or twice to timid traffic; blunt, black motors, steered by earnest men, scanning the liquid road to nowhere. read more »

New Homework Poems

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  25. A New School Year, Joseph T. Renaldi
  26. Hard To Believe (Free Style), Dorian Petersen Potter
  27. My English Teacher Was Wooly-Headed, Raj Arumugam
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  30. Exuses.. Excuses, Julie McLeod
  31. That's All What Matters, Kalira Black
  32. Sinful School, Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk
  33. Achievement, Jakaria Uddin
  34. With hue and cry, Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)
  35. Poetry for children: Homework, Roann Mendriq
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  37. Best, Victor Phinda Mokoena
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  41. What Homework Can Do, Wallis minten
  42. Polina, Edward Kofi Louis
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  44. So much Depends, Aria Mendez
  45. Mother, Mother, Sinigdha Biswas
  46. First Year University Expereinces, Michelle Cow
  47. Life Teaching, Pen anthony
  48. Homework Is Insane, Rachel DerbornMaguire
  49. HomeWork Stinks, Rachel DerbornMaguire
  50. Fearful, Jasmine Brown
  51. School Days, Michael Peterson
  52. My Generation, abigail sikwenda
  53. my teacher ate my homework, shaikha alansari
  54. I Forgot my childhood, HARSHAL JOSHI
  55. Don't, Theodore Foster
  56. What Is My Day, mary hartley
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  58. Touched By An Angel, Pen anthony
  59. Homework, SWETA LEENA PANDA
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  66. Never Learn To Say No, Manonton Dalan
  67. I Hate Homework, Damian Dauthdaert
  68. big, Tsunami HiroshiSu
  69. From Where Shall I Greatness Buy?, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar
  70. 666 Third examples, Charles Hice
  71. Childhood Lost?, Sameer Sanjay Ganu
  72. Dentention, Daisy Class
  73. A different type of homework, renu kakkar
  74. My Rhyming Days, Mmm Davis
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