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Poems About: HONESTY

In this page, poems on / about “honesty” are listed.

  • 337.
    An Aha Moment

    Roses bloom.
    Idiots presume.
    Honesty reveals…
    Flesh slowly heals. read more »

    Theresa Ann Moore
  • 338.
    Ode to Sharon Olds

    Sharon oh Sharon
    how do i love read more »

    Pilar (Pia) Mogollon
  • 339.

    what was on your mind?
    'i can't touch her with cold hands'
    between us was not the place for tenderness
    still you couldn't help it.. read more »

    Cristina Geanta
  • 340.
    Conquering my Heart

    To be the Knight of my heart
    You have to fight for it
    It needs the rose of wisdom
    It needs the wine of honesty read more »

    Petra Yasmeen Baroness von Schleinitz
  • 341.
    Understand me...

    Brief child, sing a lullaby to me
    make it curt and brief
    'cause i stand honesty not read more »

    Michael Witkowski
  • 342.
    For Old Times Sake

    For old times sake, lets walk down memory lane,
    Recalling sweetest memories of the past,
    Lets feel the love that came before the pain,
    When we believed our love was meant to last, read more »

    Linda Harnett
  • 343.
    The Pull of the Tide

    My splendid cargo;
    Tossed about on mountains of foam
    But not to forever languish read more »

    Anthony Dawson
  • 344.
    The Rose of myheart

    I watched the rose of my heart this morning
    Red blossomed, fragantly teasing
    Watering it with love, eternally freshing
    Taking care of it everyday with loving read more »

    arief setiawan
  • 345.
    Ode to Ykcop

    What does your love mean to me? ..

    Always being there when I need you,
    Being the shoulder to cry on, read more »

    Lily Espinosa
  • 346.
    this way of life

    Lying has become when we're moving or speaking,
    because us puppets have been peeping,
    with our own hands up our own backs,
    we've been reading over shadow's shoulder sleeping, read more »

    tyler madden
  • 347.
    Why i Write

    For all those who read my words,
    honesty surfaces in many ways,
    look within these words,
    and rest your mind between the gaps, read more »

    Not Long Left
  • 348.
    Exchange Of An End

    Dim lights, an English autumn evening
    Flower power, timeless Scot Glen blend
    Crowded corners, comforts cushioned
    Enquiring depths, eyes filtering drifts read more »

    Jose Maret
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