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My Encounter - Poem by choco pie shreyasi

This was the situation when i was going for my tuition classes on my scooty.i used to travel through the same route everyday, ut on day i saw that the road just before my tiutions was in a very bad condition. however, the road was not even better before, that day i saw a huge heap of sand on that road.
i thought 'OK! let's see. my scooty can pass this test easily'. as i accelerated & moved forward, i realized that my scooty failed on that mission, it actually got stuck in between that heap.
suddenly my eyes went towards 4 children, who approximately were 7 to 8 years old, they were watching me with their bicycles. i asked them 'can you help me? ' they came running & pulled my scooty.they came running in such a way that i am calling them for receiving oscars! ! ...the worries on my face could be seen clearly! ! they frequently asked 'you have to go home, right? ? ' i said 'no its my tuition there' the i frequently asked 'do you know any alternate way to reach there? ' they without any doubt with enthusiasm wanted to help me! ! wow! !
two boys asked me to follow them. i smiled & said 'OK, let's go! ! ' they guided me the right way & helped me to reach just in front of my tuitions! ! wow! ! I asked God where can i see this honesty, this innocence, this helping nature? ? i was so happy that i wanted to give them chocolates...but damn! ! i didn't had neither chocolates nor 'a phuti kaudi' in my bag. then i thought about the chocolate that i ate just 1 hour ago. i prayed 'alas i had a doremon & asked him to give me TIME MACHINE, so that i could give them those chocolates, instead of eating it' but i didn't had any other way but to just say 'THANKU'
i thought that they could fooled me...by telling me the wrong way, but they didn't. just for a minute i thought that as we grow up, where do we leave those moral science, value education classes that we were taught in primary classe? ! ! this type of encounter we can't have with elders! ! why? ? is that true that as we grow our mean side, selfishness, dishonesty also grows with us? ? when i ask this question frequently to some elders they simply say that they forget, they have memory problems or blah blah! !
but i think that-
'habits, morals are not a part of memory loss problems! ! '
my mind rotates thinking where can i see this honesty, innocence, helping nature? ?
wow! ! i thanked God! for giving me this special day to know & to imply it within me...the meaning about-
true honesty,
true innocence,
true help! !
at last thanku to those 4 kids who helped me...without thinking a twice, without disclosing their names nor even asking me my name...however, if i'll meet them again then i'll definitely give them chocolates & a salute from me! !

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