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Dreaming Of The Future - Poem by fred sweetguy

I shut my eyes feeling every beat from this girl that I don't know or even see. she just keeps appearing in every single dream, all I can think is how can it be? is she from the past? or maybe from the future? please someone help me and make me see. My dreams so unforgettable, so vivid.... never felt anything that feels so right..... so real.... the way her soft sweet lips touched against mine, the way her smooth silky skin touches against me, the way her fresh breath just breathes into my neck or even more the way her romantic heart beats against my skin as I feel her love running through my every vein.
I'm going so crazy, how can it be? I swear I have never felt this much love for someone I don't know or can't remember. Every time she gets stuck in my head I just start dreaming all over again, every time I think of her body I just starts shaking. I have never dreamed of so much beauty in my life, the way she smiles just glowing and lighting up all the stars in the beautiful night skies.
I don't know who you are or where you live as I write this poem for in this holy day, putting all my feeling in it as I write away. Am I doing wrong by writing so for ahead? I mean thinking in the future hoping it's not far away. I hope I see those beautiful lips make a smile, I hope I see those beautiful eyes sparkle away lighting up my every night sky, I hope I feel your smooth silky skin touching against mine, I hope I feel your heart as I hold you tight inside my arms protecting you from all evil outside. Most of all I hope to be awake and never fall back into a dream where you disappears when my eyes open up and I become widely awake. Let my dreams become reality and reality my dreams transforming you into this beautiful world where now I have you with me.

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