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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 121.


    I hope to be famous
    I hope to be rich read more »

    Nez Nut
  • 122.

    Forever I hope we stay together,

    Forever I hope we'll last, read more »

    Latishia Johnson
  • 123.
    I hope

    I hope
    For the better when most ppl
    Would have expected the worst
    I hope read more »

    Nina gáspari
  • 124.
    In Love with Me

    I hope you fall outta love with me
    I hope you forget all about me
    I hope you're not hurting inside
    I hope everything turns out right read more »

    Courtney Beaudry
  • 125.
    Hope May Be... (please comment, project for english)

    Hope may be…

    Hope may be: us teenagers of this world in high schools and universities; hope is us teenagers fitting in this big and scary world; hope is us teenagers and our decisions to proceed to new passages.
    Hope may be: us kids of this world; hope is the kids of this world and what route they decide to take in long run; hope is the kids of this world who will turn this world around. read more »

    Sam Hussin
  • 126.
    Warranted Infidelity

    Predawn slumber interrupted, I lie still as Regret sleeps peacefully. I can't get Hope off of my mind. If Regret only knew that Hope has taken up residence in my heart. Regret was a lot like Hope in the beginning, we even thought of procreating and giving birth to Future; that has all changed. What could be breezes cause make a choice branches to tap against the He can't come out windows double insulated by Regret to ensure that I never come across Hope. read more »

    Minsmif Poetry
  • 127.

    Raining Raining
    Hoping you are
    Thunder Thunder read more »

    Zaw Myat Htoo
  • 128.
    Difficult To Say

    Who's your friend, who's your foe
    difficult to say, difficult to know.
    Whom you do love, whom you do care,
    whom you do trust, with whom you do share read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 129.
    Tobacco And You

    Rays of hope, you came in my life
    with you hand in hand came tobacco.
    Only difference, you went too soon
    but tobacco stayed to fill your absence. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 130.
    Death Of An Evening

    I will probably write a poem
    to hang this evening till death.

    No hope that it will survive read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 131.
    Hope And Faith

    Born of the same mother,
    Hope and faith were brother,
    But destiny threw them apart,
    God gave both a different part. read more »

    Aditya Raj Verma
  • 132.
    Friendly Hopes

    I hope
    That a friend in need
    Is always a friend indeed. read more »

    Istiqur Rahman
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