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  • 277.

    In time like this
    I hope that people will have compassion toward others
    In time like this
    I hope that people will learn to use their good manners
    That their parents taught them
    In time like this
    I hope that people will have somebody to lean on
    In time like this
    I hope that people will reach out to others that are in need
    Of food, clothes, money, and shelter
    In time like this
    I hope that people will pray for each other
    In time like this
    I hope that
    People will be grateful for what they have
    In time like these read more »

  • 278.
    Words With Hope

    I hope these words not to confuse you
    I hope these words explain it,
    Yet I not ready to lose you
    I hope these words makes you believe, read more »

  • 279.
    I Wake Up Hoping

    I wake up hoping to see your face
    I wake up hoping to feel your grace read more »

  • 280.

    What hope means?

    Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay,
    Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day. read more »

  • 281.
    I Hope

    I hope,
    I hope to one day see my friend again,
    I hope you are still as beautifully bewitching as i recall,
    I hope happiness has enveloped you in its tender loving embrace, read more »

  • 282.

    Inside the darkness there shines a light,
    A light that shines throughout the night,
    And in that light there shines a hope,
    A hope that helps all men to cope, read more »

  • 283.

    Hope is a candle in the night
    Hope is a long respite. read more »

  • 284.
    find the sunshine

    I hope you find the sunshine
    on a rainy day.
    I hope you find the right words,
    for everything you say. read more »

  • 285.
    Hope is

    Hope is the torch
    which keeps darkness at bay
    a solitary beacon
    to show us the way read more »

  • 286.

    Downtime In the life
    When there is no way in sight
    When nothing seemed good
    Even struggling to get food read more »

  • 287.
    I Hope My Brother Learns

    I hope my brother learns to stay
    I hope he will find away
    I hope he will stay forever
    I hope until I’m 20 or better read more »

  • 288.
    The Hope of a better Tomorrow

    We sit in the midst hoping and waiting for a better tomorrow
    Praying and thinking for whatever comes
    Hope gives us the courage to strive
    Hope makes us continue our lives read more »

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