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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 277.

    Why have hope when no one hopes with you
    Why give a crap when you're the only one who cares
    Why stand alone in the back and fight the urge to sin,
    When everyone looks to be having fun. read more »

    shannon jackson
  • 278.
    Keeping Hope Alive!

    A person without hope is inwardly dead,
    keeping hope alive.
    There's nothing,
    nothing, read more »

    BuuVan A.J. Rasih
  • 279.

    When she falls in love
    She wants someone that loves her
    When she falls in love
    She wants to find out first if she can trust him read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 280.
    And I Hope That He Loves You (a song)

    well I hope that he loves you like a blazing fire
    and I hope that he lets you have all that you need and more
    I really hope that he gives you the key to his heart
    and just maybe he'll give you the key to his door read more »

    Jade Leven
  • 281.
    Hope may be... (edited) (please comment E.L.A project)

    Hope may Be..
    Hope may be: us teenagers and our decisions in life; us teenagers in high schools and universities; us teenagers and the struggle of fitting in this big scary world.
    Hope is us teenagers and our choice to proceed to new passages.
    Hope may be: the kids of this world; hope is the kids and their decision of which route to take in the long run; hope is them kids who will eventually turn this world around. read more »

    Sam Hussin
  • 282.

    It stayed there hanging,
    Motionless, airless though.
    Rusted, jammed,
    Outdated. read more »

    Khaleelulla syed.A
  • 283.
    i hope

    i hope one day you will die
    i hope one day you will cry
    and when your gone youll burn in hell
    for what you put me through. read more »

    ally lira
  • 284.

    I never thought of
    encountering with the Owls.
    But the reality always differs. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 285.
    Time Is The Best Healer

    No word I know that can do
    bring solace to your heart,
    betrayed, humiliated, hurt. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 286.
    A Window And A Wall

    I saw the window but I saw no wall.
    The open window greeted me to look through.
    I saw promises and hopes waiting for me there.
    I was very glad receiving such invitation of life. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 287.

    A strong statement which can change your life i.e. either it takes you to the way where happiness lies or ruins you so badly that you can’t even cope up with the situation in life. That’s hope always too far yet so closes that at every moment we wish to have it.

    Hope is to believe in god when you know it is hard to believe. read more »

    kitz d budding poet
  • 288.
    Hope Never Die! ! -new-

    Hope makes us secure,
    With a belief that every pain has a cure!
    Hope comes from with- in heart,
    It makes work things that were fallen apart! read more »

    Shweta Pamnani
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