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  • 409.
    Hope Was There

    When the desperation hit
    When people wept in the streets
    When everyone felt abandoned
    Hope stayed, even though fleeing was easier

    When eyes filled with tears
    When kids and families were torn apart
    By that last frantic grasp
    Hope tried

    When all else gave up
    When all else backed off
    When people lost all they had
    Hope flew

    When they cried
    When the world was shaken with agony and despair
    When nothing seemed good
    Hope worked

    When those four planes crashed
    When the buildings fell
    When the lives were lost
    Hope was there

    Hope was only a tiny glimmer
    Hope was still there
    She ran to those who needed her
    She worked to help

    When all else failed
    Hope didn't
    She flew through us all
    Letting us know we still had her
    We just had to look hard enough

    Hope remembers
    Hope was there read more »

  • 410.

    Hoping for a hope to high
    Building my steps to the ladder of success
    Destiny for the end of the hierarchy
    Destiny to shine in the sky read more »

  • 411.

    Hope is something u hold on to.
    Hope dont let go.
    Hope keeps on going.
    Hope is a good thank to have. read more »

  • 412.
    I Hope

    I hope you hear me
    I hope you see me
    I hope you understand that I can't do this anymore
    Its not you its me I fell out of love with you. read more »

  • 413.
    One Day

    I hope one day ill see you standing here,
    I hope one day you'll be there for me again.
    I hope one day, you'll realize both of us were wrong.
    I hope one day we could be the way we were. read more »

  • 414.

    I hope that fear never touches you
    and if it does I hope you know your bravado to look it in the eye and walk right past it
    I hope you know you have wings
    wider than most people’s, read more »

  • 415.
    Hope is a bird wordless that sings

    Come season’s rains in dusty countryside,
    Where rain waters find no path ere,
    And hope comes like a pathway to guide,
    Helping, hinting how and where. read more »

  • 416.
    'I' hope!

    I, hope that you will try,
    I hope that you will not cry,
    I hope that, you will 'love' me, ,
    in the time when i m not there, , read more »

  • 417.

    I hope of being free.
    I hope of being happy.
    I hope of smiling everyday, all the time. read more »

  • 418.
    Every Morning When I Wake Up!

    Every morning when I wake up with a hope of peace
    some sad imaginations struck my head and dirt my soul
    my days from years been so hard if had
    i drinking my posion of sins that remain undone read more »

  • 419.
    With this kiss

    With this kiss
    I hope you feel happiness.
    I hope you feel a sense of being whole.
    With this lingering kiss read more »

  • 420.
    Hope Has A Son

    Bond in boundless
    Drunk in endless
    draught read more »

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