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Lady Karen - Poem by Pamela lutwyche



Sir Neil, was once a knight, whom stood up on the ground
Looking up through a window,
At something wonderful
He had found.
For there in the window,
Combing her long golden hair,
Was the Lady Karen
He never knew lived there.
He had seen the castle many times before
When passing through this way.
He would come back tomorrow,
When night turned into day


He came on his trusty steed,
He was a handsome beast,
When they arrived at the castle,
They found there was an almighty feast.
A tournament was being held,
Juggling, jousting too.

He would put down his name,
And maybe, win a few
He asked the Lady Karen
To marry him,
And they would go away,

I cannot do that
So, this is where
Will we stay, ”
She hugs him everyday,
It makes her feel
Quite well,
And for the knight,
I dare say, It does as well.

The Lady Karen

Many years ago, Sir Neil, used to be a knight. One day he went riding through the Wood of Touch, which he had ridden in many times before. He rode on his gallant steed, Pete, and they looked a handsome pair. They were in the land of Solihull. In the distance they saw the Jonelle Castle. Sir Neil always knew the castle was there but he had never been close enough, or indeed had the time to stop and look and admire the castle. This time he was going to stop and make time, as he had a feeling something was going to happen! This was no ordinary night, the moon was too big and the stars were too bright.
As they rode closer admiring the castle, there in the window in lamp light stood a lady. She was combing her long golden hair and at once Sir Neil knew he was in love with her. Sir Neil’s heart was racing and he could not take his eyes from the lady. He stood watching her wondering what he should do! Never had he seen a vision like this before, her face was fair and she looked so angelic, it could have been an angel standing there. Sir Neil spoke in a whisper to Pete, his trusted steed, “We must come back tomorrow Pete, when night has turned into day, because I must meet this lady and talk to her.”

Day time
As Sir Neil and Pete rode through the wood of Touch, there pinned to the trees were posters telling of a jousting tournament to be held that day. Sir Neil and Pete had won many trophies in jousting, so they entered their names on the jousting form and then they carried on towards the castle. When they reached the castle there was a gigantic banquet and jugglers too. People were making merry. There were harlequins with bells on hats, people on stilts, archery and even dancing bears. Pig roasts and other food were being sold; wine, beer and mead were in plenty. The sun was shining and laughter was all around. Sir Neil rode to the window where the lady stood the night before and to his joy, there looking out at the merriment below was the lady. She looked at Sir Neil and she smiled at him, his heart just melted.
“Fair lady tell me do, what I may be calling you? ”
“My name Sir Knight is the Lady Karen and you are? ”
“I am Sir Neil, and this is my steed, Pete, we will joust in your honour and win your love.”
There was no need for jousting, for the Lady Karen was already in love, from just one look, at her knight in shining armour.
Later that day
Every joust Sir Neil and Pete entered they did win.
“Let us take our trophies to show the Lady Karen, Pete, ” said Sir Neil.
On finding the lady, Sir Neil asked her for her hand in marriage,
“Yes, yes, and yes again, came the reply! ”
“We must go and live in my land, ” laughed Sir Neil.
“And where would that be? ” the Lady Karen asked.”
“It is in the Path of Monks, ” replied Sir Neil.
“No sir, I cannot leave my land! So here is where we will stay, ” said Lady Karen.
So, Sir Neil stayed in the land of Solihull and they married in the spring. They lived in the castle and hug each other every day. And they are so happy in everyway.


Lady Karen asked Sir Neil, “Tell me why you call your horse, Pete? It is a strange name for a horse.” “Ah, I will tell you, ”
“Pete was once a dragon and he was born on the same day as me. I was born in a castle and Pete was born in a cave. When my father was coming home from the crusades with his soldiers, from a battle far away, they made camp in a cave and that’s where my father found Pete. His mother had lost the fire in her breath, so she could not keep her and her baby warm and both of them were very ill. She asked my father to take Pete with him and look after him, as she knew she was dying and the baby would die too if he stayed with her. My father agreed and brought Pete home in a basket lined with Peat. My mother uncovered the basket and there, looking up at her, was a little face, which she thought he was so cute that she cared and nursed him back to full health. Pete and I grew up together. Pete soon learned how to fly. I would sit on his back and we would fly right past the moon, around the stars and home again. Pete is not only my best friend, he is like my brother.
As Pete started to grow, the fire in his breath also became stronger and sometimes when he breathed on things they would start to burn. This happened especially when he laughed and this saddened Pete, as things in the castle were getting burned. Also Pete was getting too big to come inside the castle, so he had to stay outside in the courtyard, or go and find a big cave to sleep in for the night, which Pete did not want to do. He had been around people too long to go to sleep in a cave on his own. I did not want him to do that and he did not want to do it either.
My father knew of a wizard, who might be able to help Pete change into something smaller. He had heard many stories of this great wizard who could do lots of magnificent things, but he lived in a far away land. So my father and I got on Pete’s back and flew soaring high through the sky heading for the land of Brum. We were in search of the wizard Zanu. After a long journey asking a lot of people where we might find this great Zanu, we found him living in the tower of Rotunda, where many magnificent miracles were being created. As we were approaching the tower we saw sparks coming out from the top and the sparks turned to fire heading for the sky. They must have been going far beyond the sun; the colours in the fire were purples, reds, blues, all sorts of colours. I have never seen such a magnificent sight in my life before and I never will see anything like that again. We had to wait for one month to have a meeting with Zanu and he agreed to change Pete into a different form. Pete had the choice of three things that Zanu could change him into. He could have been a mouse, an elephant or a horse. He did not want to be a mouse as this was too small. He had never seen an elephant, so he chose to be a horse. This way he could get through the door of the castle and come inside. Zanu left two things to remind Pete of once being a dragon; an image on Pete’s front leg of a dragon and smoke coming through his nostrils when he laughs. This, Lady Karen, is why my horse is called Pete.” replied Sir Neil.

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