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Wolves - Poem by Vianca Borrero

Running thru the hills
Feeling the wind going thru my fur
Run it says
Run with all your might
The wind is on my side
Pushing me forward
Dont stop
Cant stop
Feel the wind
Dont look back
Flashes through my mind all the pain
Flashes of what once was
Shake it off
Runs faster
Never think about that again
Its in your past
It is no longer yours
Just keep running
The woods spread out before me like a map
Pass an old tree we used to pass by
Get it out of your head
Run faster
Dont look around
Dont remember
Become numb
A numb wolf
Yes run
Never feel this pain again
Woods fall behind me
Now its just a clearing
My moon is shining brightly before me
I feel the light to my bones
Warming me
Hugging my spirit
Hold me close my moon
It whispers
'You are strong young wolf
You will make it
I shall heal all your wounds
I shall be your cover in a firefight
I shall protect you when your alone at night
I will save you my young wolf
I will be your salvation
Trust in me
For i shall never leave you
no matter what country your in
No matter if your life essence is flowing
And your fading
I will guide you my young one
For i am your moon
And i am forever yours'
I pad into the center of the clearing
I look up into my moon
Tears roll down my cheeks
Rear back on my hind legs
Throw my head back
I howl
I howl a mournful cry
I howl as ive never howled before
My pack sees their alpha thru the trees howling mournfully
They slowly pad forward and brush their pelts against mine
Comforting me
I look around me at my pack
My beta
who is my right hand
My pack
My pack howls with me
For they feel my pain
We howl
as we stop howling i signal for them to run
We run
No longer do i run alone
Now i have my pack
We run away from the pain
Away from the hurt
I run away
With my pack
I shall hide who i was
Now all i am is a wolf
The alpha of my pack
All i am is this
Numb to the core
Nothing more
The woods are my home
Forever more

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  • Rookie - 8 Points Connor Whyte (3/20/2012 4:37:00 PM)

    I really like this poem if i could be anything I would be a man and a wolf. Nice choices of words (Report) Reply

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