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  • 133.
    042011F strange words

    i was talking to my friend
    she came up with words
    so strange to understand
    i thought of people's humor read more »

  • 134.
    We are…

    We are as big as our dreams
    as fabulous as our fantasies
    as invigorating as our intellect
    as poise as our wisdom read more »

  • 135.
    A Truthful Denial

    What's to make truth a lie
    To ponder wisdom, but let it by
    What's to question passage truff
    To iron down and make it rough read more »

  • 136.
    happy little poo ting noises

    if i listen to all your voices
    plotting juicy gossip
    how can i explain insanity to you
    unless read more »

  • 137.

    Humor has it's place
    in all relationships
    It creates a space
    a happy partnership. read more »

  • 138.
    Doctor's Office

    In an office full of faces you can get a nervous appetite or suddenly pretend you know what you are doing.
    Finding a seat you flop into it, so faces turn to other subjects in the room.
    What a funny place to be at rest with such a humor - as in the Doctor's office we all sit and wait for our turn to come next. read more »

  • 139.
    A Class Act

    Treasures from yesterday, being sung in a small cafe, catering to karoke.
    Lifting spirits of people who come in to enjoy one another's company and great voices singing away.
    Meals are great, all home-made, and served with a smile.
    Good humor fills the environment and laughter is the adjacent sound across from rhythm, playing strong and loud. read more »

  • 140.
    At every step

    At every step
    You can find me
    How I am palatable
    How I am relishing. read more »

  • 141.
    When smiling becomes a drug

    You build up a fortress of smiles
    a fun house
    laughing and giggling
    feeding off the rich humor read more »

  • 142.
    Special Gift

    Watching television as cameras pan across the crowd, highlighting special friends and families in their sorrow.
    Bruce Haffner, the last of the three amigos, celebrating the life of his best friends as he touched upon their senses of humor, making everyone smile or laugh.
    As a camera hovered for a moment on Jim's parents, his mother's smile reflected that of Jim's.
    A special gift to treasure every time she looks in the mirror - Jim's smile is fashioned after hers. read more »

  • 143.
    Relief Of Tears

    Humor being given amidst sounds of intense tones and realistic etudes of loneliness.
    Pouring tears out of interior wells of sorrow, we slowly move away from life, not wanting to feel saddened.
    Then, again, tears bring a relief of sorts to heart's and souls. read more »

  • 144.
    I miss you!

    i miss you,
    i miss your smile,
    i miss you,
    i miss how for me - you'de go the extra mile, read more »

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