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  • 145.
    Baby, You Did It

    Once upon a time-
    I was down and depressed
    Baby, you turned it upside down
    With your company
    And even your flaws
    Especially your flaws
    Cause I had some too
    We weren’t happily ever after
    Or even perfect
    But neither of us saw
    Any of the cause
    We served the curtains
    Out loud, “it’s not over yet”
    And now we’ll be seeing
    The sights of all time
    Baby, you did it
    With your deep brown eyes
    With your laugh, just your smile
    With your humor, your face
    You turned it upside down
    Listen now
    Baby, you did it
    With your deep brown eyes
    With your laugh, just your smile
    With your humor, your face
    But I took it slow
    Took it mysterious
    Oh baby oh
    The best time of our lives
    Seeing the sights of all time
    Baby, you did it
    With your deep brown eyes
    With your laugh, just your smile
    With your humor, your face
    You turned it upside down
    Baby, you did it
    With your deep brown eyes
    With your laugh, just your smile
    With your humor, your face
    Oh baby
    Oh baby
    Oh baby, oh
    Listen now
    Oh baby
    Oh baby
    Oh baby, oh
    Baby, you did it read more »

  • 146.

    It’s generally conceded
    That a sense of humor’s needed
    To escape from societal insanities read more »

  • 147.

    Consequences of laughter hiding within are spasmodic,
    unpredictable, delightful and full of goodness.

    Smiling contentedly at those around, who are caught read more »

  • 148.
    Journey Of Humor

    Crazy and inane rhythms being sung just because of
    the humor existing within it's essence.

    An enjoyable pleasure, consuming my mind, taking read more »

  • 149.
    Recipe To Care For Someone With HIV/AIDS

    3 cups of patience
    5 pounds of compassion
    7 packets of gentleness read more »

  • 150.
    Twists and Twisters

    ice breaker
    show us some more of your
    sense of humor read more »

  • 151.
    Rumors and Lies

    Rumors and Lies
    Rumors and Lies
    Humor no longer there
    Wondering how you can bare read more »

  • 152.
    A Resilient Child

    Positive outlook initiative and effort
    Progress and Friendship encouraging more effort

    Expanding my interests building my skills read more »

  • 153.
    Night's Humour

    I hear your voice upon the wind,
    so I enter the ebony castle
    of nights cruel making,
    awash with sky lights read more »

  • 154.
    An Unusual Word

    Humour intended.

    'Exigencies' of the service
    caused him to hesitate. read more »

  • 155.
    robert altman

    His first job was as extra in
    'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.' read more »

  • 156.
    The Ask Me

    They ask me, Mr.Dubey, where have got from the art of humour
    Humour, mockery, joke and laughter
    But what to say to,
    As I have from the clown, fool, rustic character, read more »

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