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  • 193.
    A Wickenburg Judge

    A Judge sitting high on his bench, handing out fairly - several sentences and fines.
    He doesn't seem to be cruel or unjust - talks decently, and has a sense of humor.
    Telling people to plead 'not guilty' and go to trial so they have a fair chance.
    Treating people with decency and clarity, being respectful to all present and those before him.
    Offering a gentle, refreshing breath of air to the justice system in Maricopa County read more »

  • 194.
    Touching Laughter

    Talented couples all singing karaoke tonight.
    Singing in synch with tender tones and sensuous humor, touching on each other's laughter. read more »

  • 195.
    Rising Energy

    Resting upon aging laurels, listening to an upbeat song being sung by a gentleman with a great voice.
    Getting everyone to join in and smile.
    Jotting down words from his memory, filling our heads with humorous laughter.
    Being joyful and taking us all on a ride through rhythm and humor, making everyone have a great time at the Wagon Yard. read more »

  • 196.
    Puddles Of Music

    Wallowing in puddles of music, enjoying their
    wetness upon arid thoughts pulled from inner deserts.
    Creating all manner of playful games, giving rise to
    laughter through splendid lines of humor. read more »

  • 197.
    Standing On The Porch

    Writing from memories of peace,
    feeling safe and secure in my inner sanctum.

    Living and loving on edges of life, making read more »

  • 198.
    Spreading Happiness

    Happiness spreads itself thinly through life,
    insisting we curb our appetites for drama.

    Bringing us into laughter's attitudes on the read more »

  • 199.

    Interactions of elderly band members is carefully solicited
    from sight and vision.

    Watching them individually and as a whole, brings solace read more »

  • 200.
    Meanings Unwound

    Taking turns reaching for goals, twisting their infinite
    aspects into factors of reality as they progress ever
    tightly around thoughts of imagination. read more »

  • 201.
    Sky Rainbows

    Yesterday, I felt colors of sky rainbows fill my heart
    with joy and light.
    Loving images cuddling closely within my mind, vying
    for spaces in time. read more »

  • 202.
    Let Me Pass

    And if you don't
    Be ready to face
    The consequences. read more »

  • 203.
    World's Of Nature

    Perched on rims of laughter, inviting humor to perfection
    on sidelines of happiness.
    Dancing with an easy graceful style, coupled together in
    balanced ligatures. read more »

  • 204.
    Edges Of A New Song

    Arriving on edges of a new song, moving his body in
    tormented thoughts, as his voice closes around each
    word in a sad, lonely motion. read more »

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