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Poems About: HUMOR

In this page, poems on / about “humor” are listed.

  • 277.
    Women Kind

    I am happieness in its Purest Form
    I am the reason in which Humor is Born.
    I am the Roots of a positive Past-time
    I am Proof of Heaven Upon Woman Kind. read more »

    Linda Damato
  • 278.

    The spice of life
    And the sweet in laughter
    An antidote for strife
    It pacifies anger read more »

    Cynthia BuhainBaello
  • 279.
    The Sky Is Winking At Me Tonight

    It is as if there is something
    I must not know:
    I quickly dig up my dogeared Kant
    And search for an explanation- read more »

    Stan Petrovich
  • 280.
    In the name of music

    Hear the echo! Listen to the love!

    Murmur a prayer! Hum a sound! read more »

    hortensia handy
  • 281.
    A Bullimic

    As the darkness closes in
    Everything I have known fades away
    The stormy sky eases my anxiety
    It understands me read more »

    Elodie Devine
  • 282.
    illusion about my love

    Ten years of love
    ten years of missing
    ten years and my heart
    hitting my chest and pressing read more »

    ahmed abomahfouz
  • 283.
    Will You Elope With Me?

    Let’s run away
    From this world
    And go to heaven.
    Hell will be read more »

    Aparna Chatterjee
  • 284.
    bill bolin

    bill was always himself
    loved people
    loved jesus
    (quietly within) read more »

    Harlan Simantel
  • 285.
    easy going father

    my easy-going father in heaven
    you have taught me much

    let me not lose such read more »

    Harlan Simantel
  • 286.
    The Court

    Marked, you see me as you wish to
    But that’s not all that is in my being
    Mocked, you find humor in my faults
    Only because you are insecure read more »

    Macklin MacKenzie
  • 287.
    jesus tell

    the more you tell
    (from Jesus)
    the more you are made well read more »

    Harlan Simantel
  • 288.
    Economics Lesson

    Face it. There is no end,
    but the end of the month.

    Not enough bread around the sandwiches. read more »

    Val Morehouse
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