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Incompetence Of Lies Xx Xxx Xx Original 08 12 2015 - Poem by Lee Mack

Charlotte, N.C. 28269

Original 08 11 2015

Incompetence of Lies

Left behind unable to read can be
The gift that protects gifts remanded-
Imagine covenant weight of the last
Decision to lie to protect recidivist
And the lightness of it - from the light
Of a billion planets cast on a trillion
Simulcast reruns on family reality
Theater screens - reflective of an
Awe - in awe –a natural gift imagined
As weight –upon an ignorant retort-
Is it funny non-punctuated sentences
Messes with minds of understanding
Symbolic dispassion –a Habakkuk
Pesher or verses of Acts written by
The Physician Luke about the lack of
Grace in the reality theater of Saul
And awe that surrounds the presence
And teaching of Paul –forgive to discern
Should God have a sense of humor
The spirit imagines why it takes the
Same competence to laugh at humor
As competence to lie

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Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347. Do not reproduce without permission.

(Lee B. Mack, Incompetence of Lies, page 2)

Incompetence of lies –there is nothing
Quite like it at all - If it is funny that God
Has no sense of humor? Unacquainted
With love - For real - A written word of
Fiction prints upon a partition of sky
Beholding each quiet cloud embrace
Casting shadows of orbiting drones
In the context of margins of a camera’s
Eyes recording pictures and sounds
In the language of pornography and
With money’s procreative corporate
Power to behave with mathematical
Complexities –imitating necessities
Reality shows portray as incompetence
As lies leave forgetful thoughts that
Forget to serve useful purpose capable
Of a benefit of doubt –think of it as if

God should share with us the poverty
Of America and enjoy with us the sense
Of humor –would we be competent
To realize incompetence of testament
And still have it –attending to jubilees
Enjoying amazement at grace.
Do not argue fundamental foundations of
Reality after earth runs out of them
Don’t argue the five of them compete
Should one be love to divine the light
Shining to divine glory upon the soul
For two should divine to form the water
And three the wind to bring forth breath
Four the waters upon earth that is left
That five divine the death bound in fire.

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Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347. Do not reproduce without permission.

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