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Poems About: HUMOR

In this page, poems on / about “humor” are listed.

  • 97.
    Stand-Up Comedians

    Stand-up comedians so funny
    Joke around to earn their money
    They’re never funny sitting down read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 98.
    Five Decades

    Eons have come and gone
    The face of life erodes
    Peons and mastodon
    Their treasured gold corrodes read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 99.
    A Farewell

    Farewell! Forget the days of trial,
    Of grudge, ill humor, misery--
    Tempests of heart and floods of weeping,
    And the revengeful jealousy. read more »

    Nikolay Alekseyevich Nekrasov
  • 100.
    The Happiness

    There's a happiness, a joy
    in one soul, that's been
    buried alive in everyone
    and forgotten. read more »

    Jack Hirschman
  • 101.
    rhyming poems

    my friends hate rhyming poems
    they think it makes it fake
    but if they don't shut up
    i'll stab them with a rake read more »

    Aaron Fullbright
  • 102.

    What would I do without laughter?
    A sad place indeed, it would be.
    The funnies..the sillies..whatever it takes
    for the sound of laughter. read more »

    Sophia Borger
  • 103.
    Living A Lie

    l changed my name
    l changed my looks
    l changed how l dress
    l changed my personalty read more »

    Rebecca Succes
  • 104.
    World Of Clowns

    People who cover their true faces with makeup
    People who act totally different from who they really are
    People who are bad actors, but good performers
    People who don't take things seriously read more »

    Hope Denton
  • 105.
    fight the flight

    it's funny how things change
    how the worries of yesterday
    are left strewn across the remains
    of this battlefield that we call home read more »

    Garrity Guenther
  • 106.
    Fishing Boats

    Weathered boards on the old dock
    Sun trying to peak thru
    The water like a sublime dream
    Seagulls circle the boats read more »

    Joseph Narusiewicz
  • 107.

    Against bad tongues goodness cannot defend her,
    Those be most free from faults they least will spare, read more »

    Sir John Harrington
  • 108.
    A Resilient Child

    Positive outlook initiative and effort
    Progress and Friendship encouraging more effort

    Expanding my interests building my skills read more »

    Robert John Meehan
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