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  • 229.
    Hunting or Fishing?

    Hunting or fishing – which is better?
    That is what I am thinking about!
    In business many hunt for customers;
    Some men prefer casting net to catch fish!
    Even for poets the position is the same
    In poetry websites to catch readers!
    Some lay wise traps to catch readers!
    I use fishing rod with a needle and bait
    To catch readers who can understand!

    Whether the rank is high or low it is
    Immaterial but the true comment is!
    Hunting readers to comment and rank
    Or fishing readers to comment and rank
    Are not really going to enhance one’s status;
    For, voluntary comments are indeed valuable!
    Poets are jealous to appreciate others’ merit
    But some poets raise the status of others!
    So, letters to such poets increase sans end!
    This is the status of poetry websites now!
    So, it is left to you to hunt or fish or lay trap
    As you wish to catch readers for rank, etc.! read more »

  • 230.
    White Hunter

    Starvation festers deep within, just like a burning coal
    And to that hunger each gives in, that hole that's in the soul.
    The wolf, like lions, tigers, bears, must hunt for food to live
    And just like them, he truly shares the need to take not give. read more »

  • 231.
    Mother And Calf

    When elephants walk so gently
    Upon their chosen path,
    Should Man forget the harmony
    Shared by mother and calf? read more »

  • 232.
    From darkness to modernism. -new-

    In primitive stage of human beings
    The human mind might have gone through darkness
    They communicated within the groups
    The body languages served the purpose read more »

  • 233.
    A Pair Of Nomad

    We are the nomads, can’t claim anything from the world,
    Backpacking the arrows of piercing sharp loads,
    Meeting of unprepared people who are shrewd,
    Carrying the bags of signed documents with proof, read more »

  • 234.
    Their First Lesson

    Young lions with their Mother went,
    Yet life for them moved on
    And adults learnt what this had meant
    When childhood days were gone... read more »

  • 235.
    The Dénouement

    The dénouementispulling a dead lion
    Hunted for no reason, bleeding from the ears,
    Do birds look great in cages?
    As words on paper eternally locked together read more »

  • 236.
    Sonnet: Is Man Worse Than Beasts

    With poise and elegance, the cat sits long,
    Eyeing the hole from which the rat comes out;
    Though hours have passed and clock has said, ‘ding-dong, ’
    The cat stays on unstirred, with tired snout. read more »

  • 237.
    08 (Sakuntala) Rest in the base camp

    Madavya, the court jester,
    Showed his funny gesture,
    To express his displeasure
    On the king’s unusual behavior. read more »

  • 238.
    Hunted Prey!

    Thru thine eyes i do thus see, A mouse down
    in this field, staring up at me! With a
    Falcon like swoop, down from my sky, As i
    prepare to make this prey of mine, read more »

  • 239.
    Ahab's Hunt! !

    Captain Ahab chucked his deadly harpoon, He
    in slow motion, resembled a clownish
    cartoon.His aim was centered, waving off
    only a few degrees, The mist was winded read more »

  • 240.
    I Still Keep For You

    I remain on our corner,
    Where the moon is hung as you left it,
    Where the light pools down as if on
    A stage, turning the neighborhood blue read more »

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