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Poems About: HUNTING

In this page, poems on / about “hunting” are listed.

  • 37.
    Hunters Pledge

    I abide stoic resolution to immaculate taste.
    A hunters quiet and patient gaze peering into twilight.
    I scan the horizon from lofty perch for my prey.
    The small game comes and goes from my vision as, fleeting as a breeze rustling through the trees. read more »

    Wayne McCullough
  • 38.
    The Hunters Of Men

    HAVE ye heard of our hunting, o'er mountain and glen,
    Through cane-brake and forest, — the hunting of men? read more »

    John Greenleaf Whittier
  • 39.
    A Ghost in the Night

    For as night may come so shall the day
    I do not fear the night for I am part of it
    I know that day will come
    So, in the day I shall morn for the night read more »

    Sesamarna Syfyre
  • 40.
    The Hunt

    I have hunted for the black antelopes
    stags and musk deers
    in the remote corners of my dark continent
    forest people with nightmare trees read more »

    Sachin Ketkar
  • 41.
    'Hunting Season Is Open'

    Gun hunting season opens tomorrow morning
    my husband is gathering his hunting gear around.
    He'll be getting up really early in the morning
    way before the break of dawn. read more »

    Linda Winchell
  • 42.
    Alpha Wolf of the Pack

    As twilight breaks
    She awakes from her sleep
    She steps from the den
    With four of her young read more »

    Britney Hogue
  • 43.
    The King's Hunt is up

    The hunt is up, the hunt is up,
    And it is well nigh day;
    And Harry our king is gone hunting,
    To bring his deer to bay. read more »

    William Gray
  • 44.
    Hunting dreams

    Please, do not follow me any more
    I am tired of your shadow and of your kisses in my dreams.
    Let me go, and please return to where you belong.
    You know I cannot go with you there where you going. read more »

    Vanesa Rabic
  • 45.

    The lion is going now to hunt for his food
    Before it gets dark here in Kenia
    And the lion's hunt is the buffalo tat is running around minding its business
    But the lion doesn't lose anytime or any chance when it comes to the Hunt read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 46.
    Hunting Humans (Lyrics)

    Upon this threshold of disaster
    The birth of the eleventh plague
    The fires burn at night, I begin to doubt the smell of burning flesh
    Will ever fade away read more »

    Satan's Sibling
  • 47.

    Addicts are hunted people, hunted far and wide
    But addicts have nowhere to run to, nowhere at all to hide
    Because you cannot escape your very own mind
    It's constantly with you all of the time read more »

    Alessandra Liverani
  • 48.
    Man hunts man, not competes.

    A frog competes with other frogs for worms.
    A snake competes with other snakes for frogs.
    The fittest survive and others perish.
    This’s what Darwin says in his theories. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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