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Care And Fairness To Prevail - Poem by Simonette Brebenariu

“Care and Fairness to Prevail”: A Monologue to be told

Look at me! I am just a simple person who is standing infront of you. I am thinking of catching the stars in the sky…well, I have to think the world, on my shoulder…(looking at her shoulder and touch it lightly) . I was once a child with a childish mirth, ’you know ‘: picking flowers in my grandma’s garden, singing with the birds … (humming) … sitting on a wooden bench… and I loved to caress the flowers, which were on my hands.A story to talk about and to refresh. Anyway, do I care? Of course, yes! That’s really an essential thing… I am an altruistic one! I don’t want to see people crying and hurting each other. I still remember when one of my neighbors was able to shout all out loud… “HELP, PLEASE HELP ME! ”, I was there, I saw that she was barefooted, so haggard, so scared, so helpless. I saw her husband who was about to give a blow on her face and I shouted with firmness,
“ Hey Mister! What are you doing? Are you a man or a monster? Please, stop that! (stopping the man’s right hand, so not to slap his wife’s face) . The husband replied, “Who are you? ”I continued to mock him…”Is this right? Look at you, you look like a beast, she’s your wife and you are about to use your force… to beat her…do this kind of violence…you know what? (holding the right hand of the wife to be a little far from the husband) …if I were your brother, I would call the police, so that… you would be in prison. I am not in the position to do this, but I have to, your wife is a woman like me, and you, you must take care of her. I know that your wife is a good person, and she loves you so much. And in return, because of your vices, you turned to be… (she doesn’t finish her sentence, the husband kneels in front of them and says) …” Oh, please, please forgive me, what have I done? (the husband put his hands on his head while kneeling) … I put my hand in his shoulder…and say…”Be fair enough, you must stand with fairness and care, you must love your wife…I know that after this, you can be a better husband and father to your children… to which that I pray too. And always remember that… if someone has to justify the positive way, justice will prevail”.
I am about to go now and finish this line! ! !

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