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The Blue Bonnet - Poem by David Harris

In a dusty old shop
filled with yesterday's things
on a wall hangs a blue bonnet.
If you wish to enquire about it
the owner will gladly tell you
the tale that surrounds it.

The bonnet is not for sale,
nor is it unlucky.
However the maiden who wears it
under a full moon
will get a glimpse
of her husband to be.

The owner will loan it
to any maiden who wishes to try it,
but is warned of the curse
that she must never tell anyone
of what she has seen
or unfertile she will be.

Many have tried it
and only a few have said
who he may be
and were cursed to be
barren of children
for their entire life.

The tale started
over a hundred years ago
when a young maiden
was shunned by men
then she met an old gypsy
who gave her the bonnet.

The gypsy told her
to wear it in the moonlight
on the night of a full moon.
If she did she would
get a glimpse of her husband to be.

The gypsy also told her
never to tell his name
to anyone and beware.
If she mentioned his name
even in a whisper
they would have no heir born.

The maiden did as she was told
and under the full moon
the bonnet did reveal
whom she would marry.
She never revealed
his name to anyone.

Months later after they married
she told her husband of the bonnet,
but he just smiled
saying it was just a tale,
though they had three children
all of them were girls.

The gypsy eluded to tell her
that if she told her husband
no son would be born
to carry on his name
and so it came to be
that no one should ever know.

The owner then smiled,
you can believe me or not,
but my mother wore it
and never revealed it
until long after I was born
and only on her death bed.

You can borrow it if you wish,
but remember its curse
and tell it to no one
until like my mother did
when the door of heaven opens
and you are ready to be called.

6 September 2014

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