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Definitely Not Made For Each Other - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

Definitely not made for each other

Summer afternoon
I was to pick up a city bus
Reached the bus stop
I knew I had to wait for some time
As frequency of bus services in that particular route
Would be less during that part of the day

I was looking for shade
I managed to get one
But it was very close behind the seats provided for passengers

I was forced to notice that
Two women in their middle thirties
Were discussing something loudly
Loud enough for most of us standing there could hear

One was telling about her husband
In her ten minute long narration
I could not make out
That many things are not going quite fine with them
She said how much loving he was when they got married
How much concerned was with her worries
All went well till their first son arrived

A working woman, as she was
She took the help of her mother
And her elder sister in rearing their son
Her childless sister even opted for working in shifts
So that the new born of her younger sister could be taken care
When she went for work

She further mentioned how her in-laws did nothing
Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law both home makers
Might have done lot more for the child
Of the only son in their family

Her husband opted to be not reacting to these acts of his people
When pointed out he was getting angry frequently
And the living with him was becoming increasingly difficult
She is planning to resign her job
So that she could take good care of the child

And said at last that
We are not definitely made for each other

In the meantime my bus came
And I left the scene
I was introspecting as to how I am behaving as a husband
I felt that I am no better than the girl's husband
I am a poor organizer
I do not help my wife in house keeping
I do hot help my wife in domestic chores
I was a back bencher in all events we put up
I hardly talk to people
I make no efforts in sustaining relationships
I do not have many social partners to share my problems
My contributions were minimal
In bringing up of our children
And in shaping their future

The only thing I did was that
I remained a bread winner for the family
Till the time I retired from my service
I managed funds all big expenses
Including buying of a flat, some properties
Children's education and our only daughter's marriage
My wife has other many complaints too

My stop came
And I alighted managing to control my yelling
We too are
Definitely not made for each other

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